THORSDAY The Mighty Toys of the Thunder God

THORSDAY The Mighty Toys of Asgard
Lightning Clash Thor

Thor opens up in theaters this week but well ahead of the film’s opening is the merchandising blitz and of course, that means TOYS! If I sound particularly geeked, I am! Thor has always been my favorite Marvel Comics hero but he’s frankly gotten the short end of the stick over the years when it comes to toys and action figures. Well now we have a full line of Thor toys, from standard and deluxe action figures, to electronic items, and to weapon replicas. Many of these have already hit store shelves with more to follow. Lets take a closer look...

Ice Attack Frost Giant

3 ¾” Action figures. The first wave of standard action figures is rather Thor heavy as you might expect with Battle Hammer Thor, Sword Spike Thor, and Lighting Clash Thor along with Invasion Frost Giant, Secret Strike Loki, and Shield Bash Marvel’s Odin. Ok…I’m never crazy about the names of figures. I understand the need to differentiate between the Thor figures but since there’s only one Odin figure why does he have to be Shield Bash Marvel’s Odin? All of the figures are in the likenesses of the film actors as opposed to the comic books and are well done. I especially like the Lightning Clash Thor that comes with a light up Mjolnir. All the figures have outstanding paint schemes and even though there are three Thor figures in the first wave they are all different molds and paint schemes. I credit Hasbro with going the extra mile by making all the Thor figures different even though the accessories for some of the figures are a bit silly, such as the sword that turns into a hammer giving Thor, umm…, two hammers!

The Deluxe 3 ¾” figures are repaints of the standard figures that come with additional weapons and army that can be attached like the Ice Attack Frost Giant. Thor’s deluxe figure comes with a bizarre looking set of armor.





The Wave 2 figures are much more diversified and will be out later in May and feature Thor’s longtime companions The Warriors Three: Fandral, Hogun, and Volstagg, and the indestructible Destroyer. Wave 2 will also feature a larger, 8” Destroyer.

Lightning Power Thor is a 10” figure that features electronic lights and sounds. Press his belt for lightning flashes as Thor says phrases like “I am Thor!” and “Feel the might of my hammer!” Thor can also shoot lightning bolts out at his enemies.



For the younger (or young-at-heart) Thor fans there’s a line of role-playing toys. They can become the Thunder God by equipping on items like the Armor of Asgard helmet, shield, and Sword. But the best item by far is the Thor Lightning Hammer. This is a full size replica of Mjolnir that his molded in heavy-duty materials and carved with Norse runes. It makes lightning flashes and thunder sounds and can fire a lightning-like projectile. Admit it guys, you just might want to get this one for yourself!


It’s going to be a Thor Summer as the line will feature additional waves of toys that will take comic book fans right through July and the release of the Captain America film. Among the toys we’ll be seeing in these future waves is a Sif figure and more Thor figures.

By Odin’s beard go out and get yourself some Thor toys today!

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