Hickman Details ULTIMATE COMICS: HAWKEYE Miniseries - LIVE!

Ultimate Comics Universe Reborn Day 3

Update, 3:30 p.m. eastern: Jonathan Hickman is adding another Ultimate title to his roster of upcoming releases.

As revealed in Wednesday's Marvel press call, he's writing Ultimate Comics: Hawkeye, a four-issue miniseries illustrated by Rafa Sandoval and debuting in August. Hickman described it as a companion piece to his Ultimate Comics: Ultimates, announced Monday and starting that same month.

"This is clearly Hawkeye-centric, and he is in the middle of a mission while Thor and Iron Man are in other missions in the main Ultimates books," Hickman said, while adding that you don't have to read one series to understand the other.

Hickman added that Ultimate Comics: Hawkeye ties into Nick Spencer's Ultimate Comics: X-Men series just as much as it does his Ultimates.

Newsarama asked the writer if the similarities between the Ultimate version of Hawkeye and the one appearing in the Marvel Studios films — both are heavily involved in S.H.I.E.L.D. — influence his approach to the character at all.

"It was me that stole Samuel Jackson's script," Hickman joked. "I'm not privy with what's going on there, to a large extent, other than little bits that Brian [Michael Bendis] or Joe [Quesada] will tell us. I'm not taking direction from any of that, I'm basically going on what we've had in the comics, and where we want to go moving forward. I'm sure once I see the movie, it's like, watching Iron Man, everybody kind of writes him a little like Robert Downey, Jr. now. You can't help being influenced by that, just like how the movies are influenced by the comics. We'll see."

Hickman reiterated the current mission statement of the Ultimate titles — being able to do things that would never happen in the mainstream Marvel Universe.

"I think pretty much everything I'm doing in this miniseries, I wouldn't be able to do in the regular Marvel Universe," Hickman said, adding that you'd have to "cancel a franchise." "We're really radically changing things."

The series takes place extensively in Southeast Asia, and also includes appearances from Nick Fury, Bruce Banner/Hulk, Jean Grey and "a ton of new characters." Hawkeye uses a bow in the first issue, and his costume is new, but similar to Bryan Hitch's take on the Ultimate version of the character.

More details on the series can be found by clicking the Cover it Live box below, and check out the Adam Kubert and Neal Adams variant to Ultimate Comics: Hawkeye #1. (And yes, we were way off on our guess that the call would be Bendis talking about Spider-Man.)

Original Story: It's day three of Marvel's week of press calls detailing the post-"Death of Spider-Man" future of their Ultimate Universe, and like the first two rounds, we don't actually know who's going to be on the line during the call.

But we can make an educated guess, by virtue of process of elimination. On Monday, writer Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic were on the call, announcing their new ongoing series Ultimate Comics: Ultimates, debuting in August. Tuesday, Nick Spencer joined the fray, discussing the September-starting Ultimate Comics: X-Men, with art from Paco Medina.

That leaves only one of the three Ultimate Fallout writers unaccounted for: Brian Michael Bendis, the man who has written every single issue of Ultimate Spider-Man since its debut in the fall of 2000. So, yeah, logic would dictate that today's call will be Bendis talking about Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man — which is set to soon have someone other than Peter Parker starring in the title role — but it's always best not to assume anything in these instances.

Either way, Newsarama will be live on the line — follow along below!

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