Definitive Linear DOCTOR WHO Timeline

In part one, we left off in the 1970s, and here's where things get crazy. Lots of crossing over between our three series, Doctor Who, Torchwood, and Sarah Jane Adventures in the late 20th and early 21st Century, so let's get down to it!


June. As revealed in the novel Apollo 23, a quantum displacement link forms on Earth, allowing for near-instantaneous travel between an American desert and the surface of the moon.

1980 or 1981

“The Hand of Fear” (DW Classic - Story 87). At the end of this adventure, the 4th Doctor is summoned back to Gallifrey and is forced to leave Sarah Jane on Earth. They say goodbye and he drops her off at her home in South Croydon, England, but then leaves before he realizes that he’s taken her to the wrong place. When Sarah Jane meets the 10th Doctor in “School Reunion” (DW Season 2), we learn that the Doctor actually dropped her off in Aberdeen, Scotland.



Nuclear Time (DW Novel). The 11th Doctor encounters time distortions and a mad scientist.

Christmas. “K-9 and Company” TV pilot - Some time after having left the Doctor’s side, Sarah Jane receives a Christmas present sent by the Doctor: a Mark III K-9 unit (Mark I had been given to the the Doctor’s companion Leela and Mark II had been given to Romana of the Time Lords). K-9 helps Sarah Jane in her private investigations of strange phenomena until he breaks down some years later.


December. “The Tenth Planet” (DW Classic - Story 29) - The 1st Doctor arrives at a secret military base just in time to stop an invasion by Mondas, the Cybermen homeworld. After the Cybermen are defeated, the Doctor regenerates for the first time ever as the TARDIS leaves Earth, surprising his companions Ben Jackson and Polly Wright.

1986 or 1987

April 27. Rose Marion Tyler is born to Pete and Jackie Tyler.


Russell T. Davie’s article “Meet Rose”, published in Doctor Who Annual 2006, places Rose’s birth in 1987. But this would make her 17, soon to turn 18, when she first begins traveling with the Doctor, not 19 as stated in “The Unquiet Dead” (DW Season 1) and “Army of Ghosts” (DW Season 1). For her to be already 19 when she meets the Doctor, she would have been born in 1985. But since baby Rose is definitely not almost 2 years old in “Father’s Day” (DW Season 1), we must either assume that Rose was born in 1986 and said she was 19 because her birthday was only a month away or that she was born in 1987 and lied about her age to the Doctor (and to the audience, via her narration).

SUPER-FUN TRIVIA NOTE: April 27 is also Russell T. Davies’s birthday.


November 7 - “Father’s Day” (DW Season 1). Pete Tyler dies.


Some time before Easter. Amelia Pond is born.



Easter Weekend. The newly regenerated 11th Doctor visits 7-year-old Amelia Pond, as seen in “The Eleventh Hour” (DW Season 5).



January 1st. Jack Harkness becomes the sole survivor and new leader of the Torchwood 3 facility, as shown in “Fragments” (TW Season 2). Unbeknownst to him, the Doctor has just crash landed in San Francisco and regenerated into his 8th incarnation. Hours after Jack is left in charge of Torchwood 3, the 8th Doctor saves the world from being destroyed by the Master and then leaves in his TARDIS, as seen in the Doctor Who TV-Movie. Some time later, the 8th Doctor will fight in the Last Great Time War. He will die and regenerate into the 9th Doctor either during the war’s final hours or just after it’s finished.


January. Sarah Jane Smith’s undercover TV program Planet 3 Broadcasting airs its final episode. For the next six months, Sarah Jane lives under several false identities while fleeing pursuers. Revealed in “Comeback” (Sarah Jane Smith audio play starring Elisabeth Sladen).

July. After meeting new friends Josh Townsend and Natalie Redfern, Sarah Jane Smith returns to her old life and continues investigating the strange and impossible. These adventures are depicted in the audio play series Sarah Jane Smith, starring Elisabeth Sladen, her daughter Sadie Miller, Jeremy James, and others.


Toshiko Sato is arrested by UNIT and is able to construct a primitive replica of one of the Doctor’s early sonic screwdrivers from UNIT files. It is said that in the new “political climate”, UNIT has begun using darker methods such as imprisoning people without trial. Several days later, Jack Harkness recruits Toshiko to Torchwood 3. This is all seen in “Fragments” (TW Season 2).


Owen Harper joins Torchwood 3, as shown in “Fragments” (TW Season 2).

Teenage Rose Tyler drops out of school and dumps her boyfriend Mickey for a 20-year-old musician named Jimmy Stone. Rose mentions these events during the episode “Rose” (DW Season 1). When Jimmy later dumps Rose for another girl and leaves her in debt, she moves back in with her mother Jackie. She gets a job at a nearby shop to pay off her debts and pay back her mother for money she stole after dropping out of school. All of this is revealed by Russell T. Davis in his article “Meet Rose” and these events must take place before New Year’s Eve, 2004 (when Rose was back home again).



January 1. On New Year’s Day, Rose Tyler meets the dying 10th Doctor, who is hidden in shadow. The Doctor tells her that she will have a great year. Revealed in “The End of Time” (2009 DW Christmas Special).

March 6. “Rose” (DW Season 1) - Rose Tyler meets the 9th Doctor, who has just recently regenerated and hasn’t even had time to give himself a proper look in the mirror. The two fight an Auton invasion caused by the Nestene Consciousness. Afterward, Rose leaves with the Doctor. “Aliens in London” (DW Season 1) will later establish the date of this first adventure.

At some point in 2005, Ianto Jones joins the Torchwood Institute in London at the age of 22, according to “Fragments” (TW Season 2).



March. “Aliens in London” & “World War III” (DW Season 1) - Rose returns home for the first time and is said to have been missing for 12 months. When a “pig alien” is discovered by UNIT, Toshiko Sato is secretly sent by Torchwood to examine the creature and learn what UNIT knows. As a result, she meets the 9th Doctor. UNIT’s top active field agents and scientists are killed hours later by the Slitheen, making the organization far less effective for years to come. 10 Downing Street is destroyed. At the end of this adventure, Mickey Smith is given a computer virus to wipe out most of Earth’s data that directly deals with the Doctor. In “Love and Monsters” (DW Season 2), it is revealed that the virus is called “Bad Wolf.”

Winner Takes All (DW novel) - The 9th Doctor and Rose Tyler pay a visit on the Powell Estate and learn of a video game that may actually be killing people. The Doctor realizes that Mickey is becoming a little bit braver and better in battle.

Only Human (DW novel) - Soon after he first joins the TARDIS crew, Jack Harkness helps the 9th Doctor and Rose Tyler investigate the use of a “dirty rip” time engine and the appearance of a living Neanderthal.

September. “Boom Town” (DW Season 1) - Six months after the destruction of 10 Downing Street, the TARDIS lands on the Cardiff Rift. When it leaves, the energies of its perception filter leak out onto a spot on the ground. From now on, people standing there will be unnoticed by those around them. This strange effect will be utilized to make a new, special elevator for Torchwood 3’s underground base “the Hub.”

November. Harold Saxon arrives from the far future and begins a political career, quickly joining the Ministry of Defense. This date is determined by “The Sound of Drums” (DW Season 3).

Christmas. “The Christmas Invasion” (2005 DW Christmas Special) - Harriet Jones is said to have been elected Prime Minister, very likely during a special election held in the wake of the events of “World War III” (DW Season 1). She contacts Torchwood for help, possibly the first time a Prime Minister of the UK has done this (based on remarks made in the episode). Harriet Jones is removed from power days later. During this episode, the Doctor loses a hand, which is later recovered by Jack Harkness. Jack rigs up the hand to create a device that will detect if the 10th Doctor is nearby.

Immediately following the fall of Harriet Jones, Harold Saxon first gains national attention by launching the Archangel Network, as revealed in “The Sound of Drums” (DW Season 3).



Feast of the Drowned (DW novel) - The brother of Rose’s friend Keisha dies aboard a Naval cruiser in the North Sea. When people start seeing his ghost, the 10th Doctor and Rose investigate.

I am a Dalek (DW novel) - The 10th Doctor and Rose learn of a Dalek who has been hiding for centuries with plans to corrupt humanity.

January - Early April. “School Reunion” (DW Season 2) - Sarah Jane Smith meets the 10th Doctor. The Doctor leaves Sarah Jane with a new K-9 unit, one that carries “sonic lipstick” and an alien scanner, gifts to help in her adventures. The date is determined because this must happen at least 18 months before the end of August (based on the pilot episode of SJA) and because Sarah Jane is aware of the events of “DW: The Christmas Invasion”, which she says happened recently.

Late April. “Love and Monsters” (DW Season 2) - A group of people who’ve encountered the Doctor in different ways decide to join together under the name L.I.N.D.A. In an untold story, at least one member of this group encounters the 5th Doctor (as revealed in the mini-episode “DW: Time Crash”). Harold Saxon has begun his campaign for Prime Minister, indicated by a newspaper headline in this episode reading “Saxon leads polls with 64 per cent.” This same newspaper indicates that there has been a government “paralysis” for four months, which is likely a reference to Harriet Jones being forced out of power just after Christmas.

June. “Army of Ghosts” & “Doomsday” (DW Season 2) - The Doctor, in his 10th body, directly meets the Torchwood Institute for the first time (although he’d unknowingly met members of the Torchwood Archive during a trip to the future). A Torchwood agent named Adeola Oshodi dies during this adventure and her cousin Martha Jones will later meet the Doctor. The Battle of Canary Wharf occurs and Torchwood 1 falls, with many of its employees and agents dead. The date is chosen because Jackie Tyler says that the ghosts have been showing up for about two months, meaning at least two months have passed since “Love and Monsters” (DW Season 2), which took place before the ghosts began appearing.

June. Jack Harkness reforms Torchwood 3 into a new type of organization, attempting to emulate more of the Doctor’s methods. Jack also takes possession of the Doctor’s severed hand, hoping to use it to home in on the 10th incarnation. “Fragments” (TW Season 2) states that this happens about 21 months before the events of that episode. Several days after the fall of Torchwood 1, Ianto Jones meets Jack Harkness and joins Torchwood 3.


August - September. “Everything Changes” (TW Season 1) - Gwen Cooper joins Torchwood 3. The date is determined by “They Keep Killing Suzie” (TW Season 1), where Jack states that the events of “Everything Changes” happened about “three months” before.

October. Forever Autumn (DW novel) - The 10th Doctor and Martha Jones arrive in the New England town of Blackwood Falls. Strange things are happening this Halloween.

December. “Out of Time” (TW Season 1) - A trio of people from 1953 arrive in the present day and are found by Torchwood. One of them attempts to journey back through the Cardiff Rift on December 25th.

Christmas. “The Runaway Bride” (2006 DW Christmas Special) - Donna Noble meets the Doctor. Harold Saxon has clearly gained more power, as British soldiers are heard taking orders from him in this episode. Saxon’s publicly perceived role in stopping an alien attack helps him gain quick prominence and political influence.


Possibly Easter Weekend, April. “The Eleventh Hour” (DW Season 5) - The 11th Doctor helps capture Prisoner Zero and then runs off. He will return to Amy Pond’s life in about two years.


Early May. “Smith and Jones” (DW Season 3) - Martha Jones and the Doctor meet three days before the next Prime Minister is to be elected. “The Lazarus Experiment” (DW Season 3) - The Doctor brings Martha Jones back home 12 hours after she first stepped onto the TARDIS and they meet Dr. Lazarus later that night. A representative of Mr. Harold Saxon warns Martha’s mother about the Doctor.

SUPER-FUN TRIVIA: “Mister Saxon” is an anagram for “Master No. 6.”

Early May. Made of Steel (DW Novel) - Martha pays a visit on the hospital where she works while the Doctor investigates the possibility that the Cybus-created Cybermen of the parallel universe have returned. Martha does not yet have a key to the TARDIS.

Early May. “42” (DW Season 3) - A day after the fight against Dr. Lazarus, Martha’s mother receives a telephone call from her, a call monitored by Saxon’s forces. It is said that the next day will be election day.

Early May. “End of Days” (TW Season 1) - After helping save the world from a demonic force, Jack realizes the 10th Doctor has arrived in the TARDIS, just above where the Hub is located. He quickly leaves, leading directly into “Utopia” (DW Season 3).

Early May. “The Sound of Drums” (DW Season 3) - This episode takes place over the course of two days. It begins about four days after Martha first met the Doctor, one day after Harold Saxon has been elected as the new Prime Minister. two days after Saxon is elected and quickly sworn in, President Winters of the United States of America is killed. “The Last of the Time Lords” (DW Season 3) - One day after the death of President Winters, Jack Harkness goes off to reunite with Torchwood and Martha Jones leaves the TARDIS.

Early May. “Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang” (TW Season 2) - This Torchwood episode takes place hours after Jack left the Doctor in “The Last of the Time Lords” (DW Season 3). From the perspective of the Torchwood team, Jack has been gone for a few days.

May or June. “Reset” (TW Season 2) - Martha Jones works for UNIT now, thanks to a recommendation by the Doctor. In this adventure, she meets the Torchwood team. She is now dating Dr. Thomas Milligan. "A Day in the Death" takes place three days later.

June or July. “Something Borrowed” (TW Season 2) - The TW novel Skypoint places this episode at a month and a half after the events of “Reset.”

Late July - Mid-August. “Exit Wounds” (TW Season 2) - For the events of Torchwood season 2 to take place, you need at least three months. Since Jack rejoined Torchwood immediately after helping the Doctor and Martha Jones defeat Saxon in early May, that means that “Exit Wounds” happens in either the last days of July or sometime in early to mid-August. It can’t happen any later because the audio play “Lost Souls” takes place in early September 2008 and, from remarks made in that story, it has been at least a few weeks since the funerals that would have happened after the events of “Exit Wounds.”

July or August. “Invasion of the Bane” (2007 SJA New Year’s Day Special) - Maria Jackson moves to Bannerman rode, across the street from Sarah Jane Smith who lives at #13. She aids Sarah Jane in thwarting an invasion by the Bane alien race and in the process they meet a genetically engineered teenage boy. Sarah Jane names him Luke and adopts him soon afterward. The date is determined by the fact that the school year hasn’t started yet and because Sarah Jane says K-9 has been repairing a black hole for 18 months now, which means it has been at least 18 months since she met the 10th Doctor in “School Reunion” (DW Season 2).

September. “Revenge of the Slitheen” (SJA Season 1) - Luke Smith begins school and meets Clyde Langer, who will become his best friend and will aid him and Sarah Jane on many adventures.

September 9. Lost Souls (TW BBC Radio 4 audio play starring John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Gareth David-Lloyd and Freema Agyeman) - Martha Jones is stationed with UNIT in Switzerland and summons Torchwood for help. It’s said this is the first time she’s spoken to them since a funeral that occurred just after “Exit Wounds.” This story takes place the day before the Large Hadron Collider is set to be activated on September 10, 2008.

Christmas. “Voyage of the Damned” (2007 DW Christmas Special) - The 10th Doctor prevents a ship from crashing into Earth and coincidentally meets Donna Noble’s grandfather Wilfred Mott in the process.

SUPER-FUN TRIVIA: Wilfred Mott is performed by Bernard Cribbins, who played one of the Doctor’s companions in the Peter Cushing film Daleks - Invasion Earth 2150 AD. He was also considered for the role of the 4th Doctor back in the 1970s. This fact may be why “Wilfred Mott” is an anagram for “Time Lord FTW” (unless that fact is SHEER coincidence).



March or April. “Partners in Crime” (DW Season 4) - Donna Noble runs into the Doctor again and this time becomes a traveling companion. The date is determined by “Turn Left” (DW Season 4) revealing a parallel timeline where the plans of Adipose Industries went into full effect in April. In this episode, taking place in the true timeline, Adipose is forced to move their plan weeks ahead of schedule due to the Doctor’s interference.

April. “The Sontaran Stratagem” & “The Poison Sky” (DW Season 4) - Takes place days after the events of “Partners in Crime.” Martha Jones is engaged to Thomas Milligan, who is working in Africa. The Doctor mentions wishing that Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbidge-Stewart were still working at UNIT and that Alistair has been knighted and is on a mission in Peru.

May 15. Beautiful Chaos (DW Novel) - The 10th Doctor and Martha stop to catch up with Wilfred Mott.

Late May. “The Stolen Earth” and “Journey’s End” (DW Season 4) - In “The Stolen Earth,” Martha is said to have been promoted and has relocated to New York. There’s no mention of whether or not she’s still engaged or has broken it off due to her moving to a new country. At the end of these adventures, Donna returns home to London and Martha Jones and Mickey Smith meet for the first time. These episodes definitely take place in 2009 because “Waters of Mars” (2009 DW November Special) describes these events as happening “50 years” before 2059.

Early June. “The Last Sontaran” (SJA Season 2) - Soon after helping the Doctor during “Journey’s End”, Sarah Jane and her allies take on the sole survivor of the Sontaran 10th fleet that was recently defeated by the 10th Doctor in “The Sontaran Stratagem.” Six weeks later, Maria Jackson leaves Sarah Jane’s group to live in the U.S.

June. Asylum, Golden Age, The Dead Line (BBC audio plays featuring John Barrowman, Eve Myles and Gareth David-Lloyd) - This trilogy of stories takes place just before “TW: Children of Earth.”

June. “Torchwood: Children of Earth” - Since this occurs after “Journey’s End” (DW Season 4), and since children are still in school, this must take place in June at the latest. Early in this story, it is said that Martha is on her honeymoon. After this story, Torchwood disbands. For the next six months, Jack Harkness travels world and then leaves Earth.

September. “Day of the Clown” (SJA Season 2) - Luke and Clyde get a new headmaster as the new school year begins. They also get a new ally when young Rani Chandra moves into Maria Jackson’s old house and learns about Sarah Jane.

December. “Enemy of the Bane” (SJA Season 2) - In trying to stop an alien conqueror from being resurrected, Sarah Jane Smith reunites with Sir Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, newly returned from Peru and still working with UNIT despite having officially retired as Brigadier many years before.

December. Jack Harkness leaves Earth and says he has no desire to return.

Christmas. “The End of Time” (2009 DW Christmas Special) - Wilfred Mott helps the 10th Doctor during his last adventure. Following this, the 10th Doctor pays a visit on Jack, who is in an off-world bar. The 10th Doctor also visits just about all of his former companions from all his former incarnations. It is revealed that Mickey Smith and Martha Jones are now married, which means that her honeymoon mentioned in “TW: Children of Earth” may have actually been with Mickey.


January - February. “The Mad Woman in the Attic” (SJA Season 3) - Rani meets an alien woman whose people were destroyed during the Last Great Time War, possibly due to the direct action of the Daleks. K-9 returns from his mission and resumes his place at Sarah Jane’s side. The date is determined by the fact that Rani has been in Ealing for at least four months (allowing for a few weeks to pass before people began vanishing, which is stated to have been happening for three months now). And it is said that a boy born in June, 1994 would be 15 years old at the time of this story.

March. Code of the Krillitanes (DW Novel) - The 10th Doctor faces off against the Krillitanes again.


March. A little over a month after the events of “The Mad Woman in the Attic” (SJA Season 3), it’s discovered that Sarah Jane is dating Peter Dalton.

April 4. “Planet of the Dead” (2009 DW Easter Special) - The Doctor meets Christina DeSuza on Easter Day. This can’t be April 2009 because that would place it before the episode “Journey’s End” and the characters here clearly remember the events of that story.

April. About three weeks after Sarah Jane’s allies find out she’s dating Peter Dalton, she is set to marry him but the wedding is interrupted by the 10th Doctor (who has recently had his adventure in “The Waters of Mars” and is postponing meeting his fate in “The End of Time”). During this adventure, it is said that Sir Alistair Gordon-Lethbridge Stewart has recently returned to Peru.

Spring. Donna Noble is married and becomes Donna Temple-Noble.

Around June. Apollo 23 (DW novel) - The 11th Doctor and Amy Pond learn about the quantum displacement field that leads from Earth to U.S. moon base Diana. The prison facility of this base will later became a major penal colony for political prisoners and the 3rd Doctor will be sentenced there in year 2540, as seen in “Frontier in Space” (DW Classic - Story 67). In the 202nd century, the 9th Doctor is sentenced to be imprisoned there as well in the 202nd century, but defeats his captors before they can send him away, as seen in “Bad Wolf” (DW Season 1).

June. The Forgotten Army (DW novel) - The 11th Doctor brings Amy Pond to New York, some months after children “started chanting” (seen in “TW: Children of Earth”). The date is taken from the Doctor’s own words. In this story, the Doctor actually meets American news correspondent Trinity Wells, who is seen in various episodes of Doctor Who, Torchwood, and the Sarah Jane Adventures, and is heard in the Torchwood audio play In the Shadows. Leaving this adventure, the 11th Doctor and Amy head off to the Delerium Archive, the opening scene of “The Time of Angels” (DW Season 5).


June 25. The 11th Doctor recruits Amy Pond as a traveling companion.

June 26. The wedding date of Amy Pond and Rory Williams. On this date, several cracks are created throughout time and space and then closed. According to Russell T. Davies, this also closes the Cardiff Rift.

September 6. “The Nightmare Man” (SJA Season 4) - Luke Smith leaves for Oxford University a year early, taking a leave of absence from adventuring with his mother Sarah Jane.

“The Vault of Secrets” (SJA Season 4) - Sarah Jane and her allies encounter the Alliance of Shades AKA the Men in Black, who fought the 10th Doctor in “DW: Dreamland.” In this episode, Sarah Jane also prevents a Mars probe from discovering the Osiran pyramid she encountered in “Pyramids of Mars” (DW Classic - Story 82).


“Death of the Doctor” (SJA Season 4) - Sarah Jane is contacted by UNIT and told that the Doctor is dead. At the funeral, she runs into Jo Grant, who left the Doctor’s side in 1963. The two later meet the 11th Doctor and help him in another adventure. This episode states that UNIT now has a Moonbase, which could have been built on the remains of the base seen in “Apollo 23” (DW novel) and could be the same international Moonbase seen in “The Moonbase” (DW Classic - Story 33).


The Deviant Strain (DW novel) - Having recently arrived on the TARDIS, Jack Harkness responds to a distress call in 21st century Siberia, forcing the 9th Doctor and Rose to investigate. The date is determined by characters mentioning that the Naval soviet base that serves as story setting was closed exactly 20 years before following the end of the Cold War.

“The Impossible Astronaut” (DW Season 6) - In Utah, an astronaut appears and a strange death occurs...



“Dalek” (DW Season 1). The 9th Doctor and Rose arrive in the private museum of Henry van Statten. Henry van Statten’s people have recovered a Dalek but don’t know what species it might belong to. This would seem in conflict with the very public events of “Doomsday” (DW Season 2) and “Journey’s End” (DW Season 4), but the 11th Doctor will learn that history was altered during 2010, causing the general public to forget about the Daleks and other things. Van Statten’s museum holds a Slitheen arm from “World War III” (DW Season 1), a piece of the Roswell spaceship that was seen in “Dreamland” (DW animated special), and the head of a Cyberman from our universe.

July. “Fear Her” (DW Season 2) - The 10th Doctor and Rose arrive for the Olympics in England. The Doctor senses something wrong with time and space. He will learn the source of this in “Army of Ghosts” (DW Season 2). Torchwood is mentioned by a news announcer, indicating it may be active again in 2012 despite its disbanding in 2010.


Autonomy (DW novel) - The 10th Doctor, traveling alone, discovers that the Nestene Consciousness is alive and creating new plastic Auton warriors.


“The Hungry Earth” & “Cold Blood” (DW Season 5) - The 11th Doctor and his friends arrive in time to see another tribe of Silurians waking up.



“Regeneration” (K-9 series Season 1) - An experiment in time field technology accidentally brings forth K-9 Mark II (which belonged to Romana of the Time Lords). After destroying himself to save a group of humans, K-9 Mark II gets a new body thanks to a “regeneration unit.” Due to his memory drive being damaged, he does not remember the Doctor or any of his previous adventures. He becomes the pet of a young hacker named Starkey and has a host of new adventures in London in the mid-21st century. It is unclear if this is the future of the main universe or an alternate timeline.


“The Moonbase” (DW Classic - Story 33) - The 2nd Doctor arrives on an international Moonbase with his companions Jamie McCrimmon, Ben Jackson and Polly Wright. This may be the same Moonbase mentioned in “Death of the Doctor” (SJA Season 4).


Snowglobe 7 (DW novel) - As Global Warming begins to cause more and more damage to planet Earth, huge domes are erected to preserve parts of the Arctic and Antarctic. The 10th Doctor and Martha arrive at one of these domes, Snowglobe 7.

The end for now…

We of course didn't start as far back as we could have, with a few visits to the ancient and medieval past, and there are definitely some visits far, far into the future. However, as far as the three shows go together, this modern history, from the approximate start of Torchwood to the end of the 21st Century, is when they link. Hopefully this guide cleared things up a bit. As for the rest? Well that's all wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff. 

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