Ardden Entertainment/Atlas JULY 2011 Solicitations

Ardden Entertainment/Atlas JULY 2011



Writers: Jim Krueger & Brendan Deneen

Artist: Dean Zachary

Price: $2.99

Full Color, 22 Pages

UPC: 85999000202600511

As Ed Tyler's powers grow, so does his humanity fade!  Ed finds himself at a physical and emotional crossroads as Denise begins to doubt his ability to control his alien-induced abilities, and the United States government finally catches up with our hero.  It's a deadly battle royale that Ed can't afford to win!



Writer: Stephen Susco & Tony Isabella

Artist: Kelley Jones

Price: $2.99

Full Color, 22 Pages

UPC: 85999000201900511

The Grim Ghost's darkest secret has been revealed! Lord Braddock is on the rampage! Can Michael and his new ally save the lost souls of the Fringe...or will Hell claim all who dwell in that place between paradise and perdition?



Writer: Steve Niles

Artist: Nat Jones

Price: $2.99

Full Color, 22 Pages

UPC: 85999000205700511

Wulf and Sam Lomax realize they're fighting a losing battle against Sanjon and must make a desperate last-minute plan to stop the powerful wizard.  Meanwhile, the man known as Iron Jaw rises fully from the shadows and his legendary battle with Wulf is destined to become a comic industry classic!

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