ARCHIE To Offer Spanish-Language Digital Comics

ARCHIE To Offer Spanish Digital Comics

Archie Comics will offer Spanish-language versions of select titles in their online catalogue starting this week, the Associated Press reported Monday.

Among the initial crop of translated titles, available now, are comics from the 2009 "Archie Marries Veronica" storyline, and other recent issues.

“We've released over 20 single issues in Spanish and will continue to populate that section of our digital store moving forward, much in the same way we do for our English back catalogue," Archie executive director of publicity and marketing Alex Segura told Newsarama.

The comics will be available on the web via, as well as their iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch app, Sony PSP and, "in the next few weeks," smartphones running the Android OS.

Monday's news is separate from the publisher's existing print plans for Spanish-language comics.

"There are a number of Archie titles printed in Spanish currently, and we’ll continue to publish those," Segura said. "This is a major initiative for us digitally and shows that Archie continues to be the industry leader when it comes to digital comics and making our titles available to as many people as possible."

The AP's article quotes Archie co-CEO Jon Goldwater as citing the company's large Spanish-speaking fanbase, domestically and abroad, as the motivation behind the move. The article also discloses plans to release comics in French and Hindi in the future.

In January, Archie Comics announced that starting this month, all of their comics would be available via online platforms the same day print copies are released in physical stores.

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