Marvel 'Next Big Thing' - Rob Williams On IRON AGE - LIVE!

Marvel First Look - THE IRON AGE

Friday afternoon brings Marvel's latest "Next Big Thing" conference call with the press, this time focusing on summer storyline The Iron Age, originally announced last month at the C2E2 convention in Chicago. The basic plot sees Iron Man traveling through time — encountering several familiar past versions of Marvel heroes along the way — in order to save the Earth from destruction at the ultra-powerful hands of Dark Phoenix.

Rob Williams, who's writing bookend one-shots The Iron Age: Alpha and The Iron Age: Omega, and Marvel editor Tom Brennan will both be on the call, and, as always, Newsarama will be on the line bringing live coverage of all the developments.

To follow along, click on the Cover It Live box below. The call should be starting right around 3 p.m., and until then you can check out our initial interview with Williams and artist Rebekah Isaacs on The Iron Age, plus a gallery of covers and Newsarama exclusive interior art.

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