NEW COMICS DAY Twitterama YOU Review Comics! 04/20


Pry yourself away from Portal 2 and head to your local comic shop — it's time for another New Comic Book Day! For lots of previews of this week's releases, including exclusive looks at 12 Gauge's The Boondock Saints: Mob War #1, Dynamite's Green Hornet #15 and DC's Zatanna #12, head over here.

Sadly, circumstances prevented J. Caleb Mozzocco from providing his customary colored pencil drawing with this week's ‘Twas the Night Before Wednesday…, but he still brought adroit commentary on titles including Marvel's Spectacular Spider-Man #1000 and Image's Marijuanaman, approriately released on 4/20.

On his Twitter account, Brian Michael Bendis playfully dubbed this week's Avengers #12, "a lot of internet babies owe me an apology." Iron Man's on the cover of that book, and he's also starring in Fear Itself tie-in Invincible Iron Man #503, and the Iron-y day continues with Iron Man 2.0 #4.

"War of the Green Lanterns" continues with two issues this week — Green Lantern #65, and Green Lantern Corps #59. Also at DC Comics, their Vertigo imprint has a big week with DMZ #64, Deus Ex #3, Hellblazer #278, and Fables #104.

Beyond the big two, Robert Kirkman debuts the new series Super Dinosaur (along with Invincible #79), the Eleventh Doctor stars in IDW's Doctor Who: A Fairytale Life, plus the very same publisher translates alt pin-up girl website Suicide Girls, as unlikely as it may sound, into a comic book series.

Courtesy of the keen eyes of the Best Shots team, advance reviews of those last four comics can be found by right about here, but you know what this is all about — we want to hear from you! So purchase some books, read the heck out of them, then get on Twitter (Don't forget to follow us!), and let the world know your 140-character-or-less thoughts on this week's releases. Just add the hashtag:


and it'll go into our stream right here! So share your thoughts, spread the word, and let's talk comics!

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