Dynamite Pairs TERMINATOR and ROBOCOP in KILL HUMAN Series


Walt Simonson cover for  


Kill Human.

Iconic sci-fi movie franchises Terminator and Robocop are are colliding forces in comic book pages once again, this time in a four-issue miniseries from Dynamite Entertainment, starting in July.

Terminator/Robocop: Kill Human is by writer Rob Williams and artist P.J. Holden, both 2000 AD veterans. As of late, Williams has been writing multiple titles for Marvel Comics, including current miniseries Skaar: King of the Savage Land, taking over as writer of Daken: Dark Wolverine, and the upcoming Ghost Rider ongoing series and Fear Itself: Uncanny X-Men miniseries. Williams is also no stranger to Robocop or Dynamite, having written a 2009 series starring the character for the publisher.


The plot depicts Robocop waking up in the bleak future of The Terminator, either fighting the forces of Skynet or siding with them. "What makes for a stronger machine? The desire to uphold the law or the desire to wipe out humanity? We're going to find out," Williams in Dynamite's official press release.

In 1992, Dark Horse published a four-issue Robocop Versus Terminator miniseries, written by Frank Miller and illustrated by Walt Simonson, the latter who drew a cover for this current series, seen above.

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