Ardden Entertainment/Atlas JUNE 2011 Solicitations

Ardden Entertainment/Atlas JUNE 2011



Writer: Steve Niles

Artist: Nat Jones

Price: $2.99

Full Color, 22 Pages

UPC: 85999000205700411

As Wulf and Sam Lomax battle enemies from two worlds, and as the man known as Iron Jaw makes his presence known on Earth, a monstrous creature is set loose on the streets of New York City.  It's up to our heroes, two men from two very different times and places, to work together to save mankind from a growing evil! 



Writers: Jim Krueger & Brendan Deneen

Artist: Dean Zachary

Price: $2.99

Full Color, 22 Pages

UPC: 85999000202600411

As Phoenix learns more about the aliens who captured him from a surprising new ally, he also discovers that his powers are growing exponentially… and that might not be such a good thing!  An encounter at a bar leaves a number of innocents hurt and has Ed questioning which side he’s really on! 



Writer: Stephen Susco & Tony Isabella

Artist: Kelley Jones

Price: $2.99

Full Color, 22 Pages

UPC: 85999000201900411

The Grim Ghost fights alone!  Michael is on the run and helpless. No one can stop Braddock from becoming lord of the Fringe.  Except perhaps for the mysterious new figure who has joined the battle in the haunted world that lies between Heaven and Hell! 



Writer: Andrea Grant

Artist: Rey Arzeno

Price: $3.99

Full Color, 26 Pages

UPC: 85999000206400411

The mind-blowing final issue of the first Minx mini-series! The Dreamtime War intensifies!  Minx realizes she's a pawn in a power game between The Empress, and Ares, God of War.  Betrayed by both her mentor and her love, Minx unleashes her full power...and makes a life-or-death decision that will forever alter the fabric of Dreamtime!



Writers: Matt Sullivan & Gabe Guarente

Artist: Ethan Young

Price:  $2.99

Black & White with Full Color Cover, 22 Pages

UPC: 85999000204000411

Holy Hollywood holocaust! Can Bruce Lee, Jim Morrison, Elvis Presley, Andy Kaufman, Tupac Shakur  and Michael Jackson thwart evil reality TV guru Abel Caine's plan to blow up the Oscars—even if they have to walk the red carpet to do so? Find out in the grand finale to the Kings' epic encore!

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