The Red HULK Enters the FEAR ITSELF Fray with July's #37

The Red HULK Enters the FEAR ITSELF Fray

Add Hulk to the list of Marvel titles tying in to Fear Itself, starting in July's issue #37.

The story will see the Red Hulk taking on a member of the Serpent's Worthy, which will include the green Hulk (as revealed in early press for Fear Itself: Hulk vs. Dracula), the Juggernaut (as confirmed in the backmatter of this week's Uncanny X-Men #534.1) and other well-known Marvel characters. According to Marvel's official statement, the ever-popular M.O.D.O.K. will also play a role in the Hulk arc.

Hulk #37 is by series writer Jeff Parker, and artist Elena Casagrande, a veteran of IDW licensed titles including Ghost Whisperer and Angel.

Marvel's full press release follows:

The Marvel Universe’s biggest, reddest brutalizer clashes with the forces of Fear Itself this July in Hulk #37, from acclaimed writer Jeff Parker and rising star Elena Casagrande! Which is stronger? Mortal terror or all-out rage? Red Hulk is going to find out with his fists as he goes toe-to-toe with the God of Fear’s most unexpected recruit in a brawl for the ages!

“Red Hulk's intersection with Fear Itself is really a defining moment for the character, showing what he's made of. It's really cool to be right up front during a happening like this!” said Parker. “It also gives us the chance to show what goes on with the other world threats who aren't commanding the center stage during a crucial event – in this case the newly returned M.O.D.O.K.!”

But which of the Serpent’s earthly avatars has specifically sought out Red Hulk and why? This July, can the Crimson Crusher withstand a treacherous battle with Worthy and make it out alive? Find out when Fear Itself stomps into Hulk #37!

HULK #37

Written by JEFF PARKER



Rated T+ …$2.99


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