Learn to FLY W/ New Ongoing from Raven Gregory & Eric J

Learn to FLY W/ New Zenescope Ongoing



Have you ever dreamt you could fly?

Zenescope Entertainment bets you have, and creators Raven Gregory and Eric J want to take you to a world where the power to soar amongst the clouds is just a dose away. Fly #1 launches in June 2011, but we have covers & a new trailer for the comic today!

The story, from creator-owned vets of The Waking and Rex Mundi respectively, features three teenagers who literally start to fly after taking a new designer drug. Like most, though, this drug is highly addictive, and it turns out could lead to a strong case of death.

Today, Zenescope released a trailer to promote the new series, which we have for you here, along with two of the covers for Fly #1, drawn by Tyler Kirkham and Ebas. The Kirkham cover is a retailer incentive, available if they order 20 copies of covers A, B, or C.

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