DiDio on the Titans to Come - a Return, and a Traitor

DiDio on the Coming Titans Storyline

As was mentioned here and there at San Diego Comic-Con, and exclusively to Newsarama on video here in case you missed it, the Titans and the Teen Titans will be rolling together in the later part of this year as the spillover from Decisions sees a whole load of problems land right on their doorstep.

Oh, and did we mention that Jericho and Match (the Superboy/Conner Kent clone) are back as well?

“In Decisions we reveal that there’s a traitor in the Titans midst, and that storyline bleeds into the Titans book, and ultimately into the Teen Titans, and we have a new series spinning out also from this storyline – the new Vigilante series, written by Marv Wolfman and drawn by Rick Leonardi,” DC Universe executive editor Dan DiDio explained.

Newsarama readers will recall that the new Vigilante series was announced at last year’s Baltimore Comic-Con, and would star the latest incarnation of the character that was introduced by Wolfman when he was writing the Nightwing series.

The delay in the launch, DiDio said, allowed DC to place the new series at a point in the schedule for maximum impact with readers. “We knew that we wanted a good platform to launch the new Vigilante series, and since the character is historically tied to the Titans [a version of the character was introduced in the New Teen Titans Annual #2 in 1983], we wanted to have something that put them directly in the Vigilante’s crosshairs, and this is the storyline that does it.”

So, as mentioned earlier, Jericho and Match are back in the Titans lives, and…well, “They are fully bound together, and it’s up to the Titans to take them apart,” DiDio said.

Following the story, DiDio said that the groundwork of the larger Titans/Teen Titans story will begin in Decisions, which will see a simultaneous assassination attempt on the life of each candidate, superheroes become involved in politics, and worse than that, there’s a traitor among the heroes of the DCU.

“It’s the job of the Titans and the new Vigilante to hunt down that traitor, and the trail flows directly to the doorstep of the Titans,” DiDio said. “The plan behind it all is to pull the Titans world apart. What we wanted to do is set up a situation where the core was shaken. The idea behind the Titans book is that these people stay together for no other reason that they are true friends, and they have complete faith and trust in each other. What happens when that trust is shattered?”

And yes, if it’s something big enough to affect the Titans and the Teen Titans, you can bet that other heroes will be involved in the storyline. “What happens ultimately in Decisions is that the traitor’s identity is made aware to the Justice League, which puts them at odds with the Titans,” DiDio said.

The storyline proper will pick up in Titans #6, due out in October, which follows the conclusion of Decisions, and will run…well, we’ll see.

“We’ll see some books take a momentary gap in their stories this fall as things between Final Crisis and the series line up, and then the storylines pick up again, but this story will run throughout the first few months of next year.”

Again, as DiDio said the storyline is about the trust that holds the Titans together…but what happens when that trust is gone?

“That’s a question that we’re looking to answer.”

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