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The news continues to be filled with troubling headlines — and not just about Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. But it's Wednesday, which means that New Comic Book Day is here to brighten your week. For preview's of this week's comics, including an exclusive look at Legion of Super-Heroes #11, head over here.

J. Caleb Mozzocco simply does not know what to do with the abundance of Captain America comics in stores this week, but read him try and make sense of it all (and provide commentary on plenty of other new releases) over on weekly Blog@Newsarama column ‘Twas the Night Before Wednesday.

FF #1 is here — no, that doesn't stand for Fantastic Four, but "Future Foundation," and as you can see from the image above, Spider-Man is firmly in tow, standing alongside the rest of the Richards family. Also from Marvel this week: Thor #620.1, from the co-writing team of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning.

Over yonder DC way, there's Batman Incorporated #4 — the second new issue in two weeks — and "War of the Green Lanterns" gets things a-going with Green Lantern #64 and Green Lantern Corps #58. David Finch's sophomore issue of Batman: The Dark Knight is out, too.

Beyond the Big Two, IDW's "Infestation" event continues in Ghostbusters Infestation #2, Image has Ian Churchill's Marineman #4, and Dynamite's putting out Green Hornet #14.

The always alacritous Best Shots crew has reviews of those last two comics here, but you know the drill: We want to hear from you! So buy some comic books through your preferred legal platform, read them, then get on Twitter (Don't forget to follow us!), and let the world know your 140-character-or-less thoughts on this week's releases. Just add the hashtag:


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