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Sony Online Entertainment’s Chris Cao and the minds behind DC Universe Online are ready to announce their content update for March and in the sprit of St. Patrick’s Day, and the corresponding ‘luck of the Irish,’ it’s all about taking chances. In the DCU, the guy who gives you the best odds is their Character of the Month: Two-Face.


Just hinted at in the core game, the Penguin is ready to make his move to take control of Gotham, and in a case of ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ you align yourself with Two-Face in an effort to foil the fowl fiend’s plans in a new mission string. Both the villains and the heroes can get into the action, as on the side of good, the Harvey Dent side of the scarred former prosecutor takes a dominate role verses his dark side for the other faction. However, keeping with his trademark of how he decides his actions, Two-Face could flip his coin mid-mission and suddenly turn against you. Also, there are evil robot-penguins! Robot. Penguins.

Two-Face will also become available as a player character in Legends PvP with the ability to summon a mob of goons, set traps and fire guns or use a grenade launcher. His coin also factors into PvP as a quick toss will buff a set of skills for the side that the coin lands on (damage and DoT for bad heads; control, knockdowns and stuns for good heads).

Since this is the March/St. Patrick’s Day update, Mr. Mxyzptlk has fancied himself a leprechaun and players roaming the over-world can follow rainbows to meet the 5th Dimensional Imp as a random encounter. Completing his missions can unlock thematic appearance sets and other rewards.


As an end game (level 30) content update, the third Batcave Raid sees the climax of the “Brainiac/Tech” arc. Among the encounters is an OMAC infected Batman, Brainiac’s “Avatar of Tech,” a massive, transforming, multi-phase robotic boss who you will battle for control of the Tech aspect exobytes, and for the first time Brainiac himself in one of his iterations.

The recurring Green Lantern “Ring War” will also be expanded, with every ring bearer getting a revamp, new constructs for them to summon and boss fights with Kilowog or Arkillo.

On the technical side apart from bug and PvP exploit fixes, the update will move some the functions of the "PDA" around in an effort to improve the interface. As a part of what’s called the “Social System 2.0,” the team formation utilities will be moved to the league tab; the creation of dedicated text and voice tabs and a “Push To Talk” button for the PS3 are also being added.. The game will also no longer auto-fill your place if you are accidentally dropped from a raid. This will allow you a chance to be re-invited to a mission. A voting system to kick a player from such a group will be implemented. You will also be able to opt-into the new spatial chat that will allow you to voice chat with other players in close proximity. Finally, there will be an update to the auction house user interface.

Pressed for more information as to what the future holds for DCUO, Cao revealed the future monthly updates will not always be tied to holidays, more work on balancing PvP and that many new powers and more four-man raids are on the way. He also advised that new mentors or new body types would be serious changes to the game and are not planed short of a major expansion. More of the full CG cinematics exploring the machinations of ‘Future Luthor’ are not scheduled at this time, but may follow as the events of the game unfold.

No date has been set at this point for the update’s release.

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