C2E2 2011: Marvel: FEAR ITSELF - LIVE!

With just a couple of weeks left before Fear Itself #1's release date of April 6, and a one-shot prologue (Fear Itself: Book of the Skull) in stores right now, a panel centered around Marvel's 2011 event story at C2E2 in Chicago just plain makes sense.

Matt Fraction, writer of the main Fear Itself series, is scheduled to be in attendance, along with Brian Michael Bendis (writer of Avengers and New Avengers), Fred Van Lente (co-writer of Alpha Flight, Herc) and Marvel's SVP Creator & Content Development C.B. Cebulski.

Yep, Newsarama is there live, and you can follow along with our live coverage below! In the meantime, feel free to scroll through the image gallery on the right, for brand-new Fear Itself-related art.

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