C2E2 2011: Breaking into Comics the Marvel Way LIVE!

MARVEL MILESTONES - A Company Timeline

At nearly every panel at nearly every convention, someone will inevitably ask a question along these lines: "What advice do you have for someone looking to work in the comic book industry?" So with that in mind, Marvel Comics is holding an entire panel based around that very concept, titled: "Breaking into Comics the Marvel Way."

Scheduled to share their thoughts are a crop of folks suitably qualified to talk on the subject: C.B. Cebulski, Marvel's SVP Creator & Content Development, Mike Pasciullo, SVP Brand Planning & Communications, Skottie Young (artist of Ozma of Oz among others), Jeph Loeb, EVP Head of Television.

Newsarama is there live, relaying each bit of advice as it's delivered live. Follow along in the Cover It Live box below!

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