Hey, That's My Cape! Nerd Bucket List

Hey, That

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Twitter is awesome. I’ve got friends there to keep me company in just about every time zone in the world, hear breaking news and I get ideas of stuff to write about.

Like right now. I was followed on Twitter recently by someone who runs a Tumblr called “Nerd Bucket List.” I took a minute to go check it out and sure enough, it’s exactly what it sounds like. The blogger is trying to get people to make up their own nerd bucket lists. If you are unfamiliar with what a “bucket list” is, I guess you missed the Rob Reiner comedy starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman wherein “two terminally ill men escape from a cancer ward and head off on a road trip with a wish list of to-dos before they die.” Cheery huh?

Anyway, while there isn’t much up on the website yet besides “Every nerd should make the trip to San Diego Comic-Con at least once,” and “Have a Star Wars movie marathon. Watch all 6 movies in episodic order,” I thought it was a fun idea. And might I add, I wholeheartedly agree about the SDCC thing, it really is worth all the hassle and money to get there.

I’ve been pretty lucky in my life already to have done some really nerdy stuff I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve met the latest Doctor, Matt Smith, sat on the bridge of the Enterprise-D, hugged Edward James Olmos and got Kevin Conroy to record a voicemail greeting for me. But I’m not stopping there. I’ve hopefully got a long life ahead of me and can think of tons of crazy nerd stuff I’d still like to do. So now, without further ado, I present to you a portion of my Nerd Bucket List.

Travel to New Zealand and go on a Lord of the Rings tour – I had actually wanted to take a long Australia and New Zealand vacation long before Peter Jackson’s trilogy was released but now I have extra incentive. The images in those films are absolutely breathtaking and to be able to see them in person would be awe-inspiring. Now if I could just find a few grand laying around...

Get a Batman tattoo – This one is actually near to being crossed off the list because I’m currently working on it. It would be easy to get the classic Bat symbol but I’m complicated and picky. I don’t want a pre-existing image and I have to come up with just the right look and pose before I can tell the artist what I want. Tattoos are for life, I don’t regret any I have now and I don’t intend on regretting any I get in the future.

Get Nathan Fillion to give me a kiss on the cheek - If all goes as planned I’ll be meeting the Firefly actor sometime this year (fingers crossed). When that happens I plan on making the most out of it and asking for a kiss...on the cheek. Best-case scenario, we wind up married. Worst-case scenario, I can’t go within 1000 feet of Nathan Fillion for a few years. Worth it.

Hear Lucy Lawless do the Xena yell in person - I was a HUGE Xena: The Warrior Princess fan growing up and practiced her famous yell hundreds of times in the privacy of my own home. So many years have passed that it just felt odd to try and make it to one of the Xena conventions still held these days but I would if it meant I could hear it first hand.

Cosplay as a kick-ass Batgirl, complete with motorcycle - Ok you’re probably thinking I’m crazy for the second half of this one but hear me out. First of all, I’m a natural redhead so my affinity for Barbara Gordon is obvious. Second, I’m handicapped and get around most of the time in a motorized scooter. A scooter that could absolutely be turned into a motorcycle. I even just recently found out a close friend of mine tried to contact Orange County Choppers to see if they’d take on the challenge of customizing my scooter on their show. So if anyone has an in, put in a good word for me.

Get David Bowie to sing “Magic Dance” with me - Do I really have to say anything else here?

Have Adam Hughes draw me - Just this past year I crossed getting an Adam Hughes sketch off my list (and boy is it gorgeous) but since the first time I laid eyes on an AH image I knew I wanted him to draw me personally. Probably one of the busiest and most in demand artist on the comic scene, I know getting this one done will be a bit of an uphill battle, but hopefully one day.

Be an extra in a comic book movie - I doubt I’ll ever have a speaking role in a high-budget, Hollywood film but aiming for “extra” status is not too far fetched. I don’t care if I have to do nothing for 99% of the day and act really scared for five seconds, being immortalized in a comic book film would rock. I think I’m gonna aim for The Dark Knight Rises or the next Green Lantern movie. Although, The Amazing Spider-Man is filming in New York City next month...

Own a DeLorean - Granted, this one’s only going to happen if I hit the lottery but I’d still love to do it. And you know it’s not going to be just a DeLorean. It’s going to be tricked out Back to the Future style. Eighty-eight miles an hour, here I come!

Get done up in professional monster makeup - I’ve always wanted to be turned into a zombie or some other kind of movie monster but the new Syfy reality show Face Off, while kinda meh as a show, has brought this childhood wish front-and-center again. Because let’s face it, prosthetics are SO much better than computer generated effects.

Take a very specific picture with James Marsters I’ve always wanted to meet the actor who played Spike on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, for obvious Geek Girl reasons, and as a result, I’ve always had the urge to take a picture with him exactly like this one [Newsarama Note: I was fully expecting this to be a picture of Spike biting a neck]. Totally ridiculous and I love him for so much more than just Buffy now but this would make a fangirl’s dream come true.

Get Wil Wheaton to reply to me on Twitter - You realize I’m not even attempting to get him to follow me because that’s like, impossible. Milla Jovovich replied to me once, I cried and almost fell out of my chair. Wil, if you’re reading this, my brother looks a lot like you and you were awesome in Stand By Me. Now leave Sheldon Cooper alone. P.S. When you speak for your animals, I giggle.

Voice a cartoon or video game character - Ever since Batman: The Animated Series, I’ve wanted to voice an animated character. I was a radio DJ for five years and have done voiceovers for commercials but never for a show or video game. It’s one of the things I want to do most before I die. Disney film? The Venture Bros.? A Batman video game perhaps? I’ll take it. Bonus points if it’s an ongoing job. Sorry Newsarama, I’d ditch you in a second to voice Barbara Gordon full-time.

So what's on YOUR Nerd Bucket List? Hit us up on Twitter with hashtag #NerdHTMC and it'll go in the box below!

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