Post Game: STAR WARS: CLONE WARS S3E20 "Citadel Rescue"


The Jedi ship was destroyed, and the Jedi, Captain Tarkin, and their troopers don't know when help will arrive. They can only trudge forward and hope they escape the trap of the Citadel. In the latest episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, “Citadel Rescue,” we find out whether they make it out from under the thumb of the prison warden Osi Sobeck.

They have taken refuge in some caves, and Master Piell checks in with Mace Windu to make sure their rescuers are in route. Windu confirms that gunships will arrive soon, but that there is only a small window of opportunity. They must make it to the evacuation point - a small island on Lola Sayu. Just as Piell disconnects, the group is assaulted by droids. The clone troopers and Jedi dispose of them quickly, but they know there are more on the way.

Count Dooku checks in with Sobeck. He likes to micromanage and nag, and he knows that Sobeck has been avoiding his calls. He reminds Sobeck for the umpteenth time that the Jedi have the hyperspace codes vital to launching a surprise attack on Coruscant. You can almost hear Sobeck voice the exasperated sigh in his head and say, “Yes, Dooku, I know.” He promises that he will re-capture them and get the information.

Meanwhile, the droids are pursuing the escapees. The push the fugitives to the edge of a cliff and force them to use cables to ease themselves over. R2-D2 orders his few battle droids to detain the enemy as long as possible. That doesn't end up being very long. Crab-like droids fire at the troopers and Jedi over the ledge. They keep descending into lower caves. They might not be able to hide from the latest threat Sobeck unleashes though. He sends sharp toothed anoobas to hunt the Jedi. The anoobas are hounds that look like hyenas; it doesn't seem like they'll be easy to get away from.

While they take their sweet time walking to the rendezvous point, Tarkin asks what they will do if the Jedi don't show up. Ahsoka rolls her eyes at this comment and bemoans the fact that Piell had to split the vital information with Tarkin of all people. Anakin takes the opportunity to point out that he does agree with some things Tarkin says. He says it will be hard for the Jedi to win the war when they are not willing to do certain things. Obi-Wan says that it's a very simple point of view. Their conversation is cut short by the anoobas getting closer. This coincides with the arrival of Separatist reinforcements.

Since the Jedi and troopers know that the anoobas are on their heels, they decide to use the dangerous landscape to their advantage. They'll let the hounds go by and then sneak up on them from behind. Unfortunately, more droids on STAPs and crab droids find them at the same time. They are surrounded. Anakin and Obi-Wan slice through most of the anoobas, and Anakin especially performs some dazzling acrobatics to avoid droid fire. A few of the hounds get through to Ahsoka and Piell. They are busy destroying crab droids left and right, and an anooba takes Piell by surprise.

The hound does too much damage. Ahsoka wants to leave for help, but Piell asks her to stay. He knows the end is near. He insists on giving her the information to deliver to the Council. Ahsoka admits that she isn't supposed to be there, that she lied to join the mission. Piell doesn't care. He gives her the codes and makes her promise that she will reveal them only to the Jedi council. The loss hits the group hard, and they pause to shroud and honor him before moving on. Piell would want them to complete their mission.

The weary group makes it to the island in the middle of sulfurous lava. Osi Sobeck and his droids get there at the same time. Above the planet, four cruisers led by Plo Koon arrive and fight through the Separatist ships. Obi-Wan and Anakin swipe a couple of STAPs and make short work of the droids.  While they are distracted, Sobeck gets hold of Tarkin. He holds him over the lava proclaiming that no one will have the information if he can't get it. He takes too much time with his ranting; Ahsoka comes up from behind and kills him. Tarkin thanks the Padawan for saving his life. Just then Plo Koon arrives in the rescue transport just as the Separatist reinforcements get there. The gunships break into hyperspace just in the nick of time.

Everyone who survived the Citadel makes it back to Coruscant in one piece. Ahsoka says that Piell gave her the information, and that she promised him she would only give it to the Jedi council. Tarkin was instructed to give his half of the codes only to Chancellor Palpatine. Interesting. They are to keep the codes to themselves until Yoda can talk to the Chancellor. As everyone goes their separate ways, Anakin stops Plo Koon and Ahsoka. He asks if Plo gave his approval for Ahsoka to join. Surprisingly, he says, “It appears that I did.”

Trivia & Notes

If you were listening carefully, you heard the Wilhelm Scream in this episode. This sound effect goes back to the thirties, and you can hear it in all six live action Star Wars movies as well as countless others.

The series changes Even Piell's fate. In the Expanded Universe, he survived the Clone Wars.

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