'The Dark Angel Saga' Starts in UNCANNY X-FORCE #10

Warren Worthington III looks to be doing some definite embracing of his Archangel dark side in this teaser image released Friday afternoon by Marvel Comics, promoting a storyline called "The Dark Angel Saga" starting with a prelude in Uncanny X-Force #10.

What — if anything — this story has to do with the title's upcoming trip to the Age of Apocalypse, discussed last week by series writer Rick Remender, remains to be seen. (What it reasonably has absolutely nothing to do with is the 2000-2002 Fox sci-fi TV series Dark Angel that launched the career of Jessica Alba.)

On last week's conference call, when asked about the absence of Archangel in the recent Uncanny X-Force teaser image, Remender responded, "Archangel isn't there for a reason."

Along with the teaser, Marvel announced that more on the story will be discussed at the publisher's "Marvel: Welcome to the X-Men" panel a week from today at the C2E2 convention, happening 6 p.m. Chicago time. Newsarama will be there in person, covering the panel live.

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