BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY - New Screenshots, Release Date Set

BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY - Release Date Set

If you're looking forward to Batman: Arkham Asylum sequel Batman: Arkham City — and judging by our poll of 2011's most anticipated superhero video games, a lot of you are — then you're probably happy to hear a release date has been announced beyond "fall" — the game's scheduled to go on sale in North America on October 18, for Xbox 360, PlayStation and Windows PC.

The game will see release in Australia on October 19, and Europe and beyond on October 21.

Along with the release date, three new screenshots from the game have also been released — seen in the "related images" gallery to the right — including one of Batman in combat with one of Joker's intimidating (and seemingly one-armed) henchmen.

Batman: Arkham City is developed by Rocksteady Studios, the same team as its predecessor. Last month, DC Comics announced a six-issue Arkham City miniseries starting in May, bridging the gap between the two games. The comic will be written by Paul Dini, a Batman veteran who also wrote the story for both games, and illustrated by Carlos D'Anda.

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