PAX East '11: Funding Your Game With KICKSTARTER LIVE!

PAX East 2010 - Penny Arcade Panel LIVE

How to Fund Your Game Development Project with Kickstarter!

Cat Theatre

Friday, 12:30pm - 1:30pm

Whether you're a seasoned game designer or just starting out in the field, independently producing and publishing a game can be a huge undertaking! More and more, game developers are turning to as a place to not only raise funding for their projects, but as a unique way to build fan support and reach out to new communities. Founded in 2009, Kickstarter has grown into the largest funding platform for creative projects in the world. Learn how to use Kickstarter for your next project from three successful game developers, including award-winning interactive fiction writer Andrew Plotkin (Spider and Web, Hadean Lands), game designer and publisher Joshua A.C. Newman (Shock, Human Contact), and college student/programmer Evan Balster (Infinite Blank).

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