Requests Answered: DC UNIVERSE ONLINE Download Coming to PSN


If you read our three part review of DC Universe Online, you know that we've been quite enjoying the game and its peek into the world of Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman. Back in part one of our review, however, we had one major complaint:

"The other main complaint to be had is one of exclusion - why oh why is this game not available on the PlayStation Network as a wholly downloadable title? The game requires, obviously, an internet connection. It's large, but requires a large patch download before play anyway, something that could be integrated into a PSN version. Oh, and it's made by Sony so it seems like it'd be relatively easy to work out the licensing/fees/logistics. Having this game tied to a disc is the only reason I don't play it more than I already do, so hopefully this is something that will be made available in the future."

Well, ask and you shall receive, apparently. Yesterday on the PlayStation Blog, Sony Online Entertainment PR Manager Ryan Peters posted the news that DCUO is coming in full to the PSN Store. The game will cost the same $59.99 retail as the disc version, and still come with a full month of gameplay ($14.99 a month after, though there are hefty discounts if you buy multiple months at once).

While the game is large, and folks will likely want to make it an overnight download, this is a great move by SOE. Having instant on-harddrive access to the game will make it that much more appealing to jump in for a mission before hopping over to another game that's on disc. Sony has been making more full games available via the PSN lately, and apparently that's catching on nicely for consumers.

No official word as to when exactly the game will be available for digital download, or if there will be any discount opportunities for current disc-owners of the game, but we'll let you know as soon as we hear the details. If you've put off jumping in, soon it will be easier than ever. As Peters said, "you can simply slip on your sweatpants, melt into your couch and immediately access the vast world that is DC Universe Online."

Or for discount shoppers out there who don't mind a disc, you'll probably be able to grab some cheaper used copies at your local Gamestop soon after the digital version becomes available!

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