Ardden Entertainment/Atlas MAY 2011 Solicitations

Ardden Entertainment MAY Solicitations



Writer: Andrea Grant

Artist: Rey Arzeno

Price: $3.99

Full Color, 26 Pages

UPC: 85999000206400311

The Dreamtime War continues!  As Minx attempts to save her brother from the clutches of her newfound love, she confronts her true enemy for the first time... and it's none other than Ares, the God of War.  If that's not bad enough, Minx doesn't yet realize that her mentor and ally, The Empress, may betray her... but Minx has a date with destiny, and nothing can stop her fate, whether in the "real" world or in Dreamtime.



Writers: Matt Sullivan & Gabe Guarente

Artist: Ethan Young

Price:  $2.99

Black & White with Full Color Cover, 22 Pages

UPC: 85999000204000311

Suspicious minds!  A jealous Elvis suspects Bruce Lee is grooming Michael Jackson to replace him, while Tupac confronts past demons to prevent a new rap rivalry from ending in assassination. A gorgeous tabloid reporter uncovers the Kings’ identities—but before the secret gets out, the mystery dead celebrity conspiring with the villainous reality TV czar may kill them all—again!



Writers: Jim Krueger & Brendan Deneen

Artist: Dean Zachary

Price: $2.99

Full Color, 22 Pages

UPC: 85999000202600311

Phoenix vs... Phoenix?!  It can only be seen to believe.  Ed Tyler, otherwise known as the Phoenix, battles none other than... the Phoenix? The classic 1970s Phoenix costume makes a return and it's worn by none other than Ed's best friend, Max.  How is this possible?!  What is the strange, glowing device embedded in Max's chest? And how can Ed possibly defeat an enemy who is not only more powerful than himself... but is also like a brother to him?!  The cosmic adventure intestifies!



Writer: Steve Niles

Artist: Nat Jones

Price: $2.99

Full Color, 22 Pages

UPC: 85999000205700311

The war for two worlds grows even more deadly! Wulf finds himself trapped in present-day New York City, being tracked by someone who seemed at first to be an ally... Detective Sam Lomax.  If that wasn't complicated enough for Wulf, the barbarian from another time also finds himself falling in love with a modern woman.  Meanwhile, an ancient evil continues its insidious attack and the enemy seems to be none other than... Iron Jaw?!?



Writer: Stephen Susco & Tony Isabella

Artist: Kelley Jones

Price: $2.99

Full Color, 22 Pages

UPC: 85999000201900311

The battle for Michael's soul continues! As Matthew Dunsinane's past is further revealed, Michael realizes that the difference between the Grim Ghost and Lord Braddock is not as clear cut as he first thought.  Meanwhile, the battle between Heaven and Hell is gearing up, and the denizens of the Fringe are about to be caught in the middle.  There's a war on the horizon... and Michael must decide which side he's on... before it's too late.

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