Post Game: STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS S3E19 "Counterattack"


Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Ahsoka managed to bust Even Piell and his crew out of the Citadel tower, but now they have to find a way off the planet.  It turns out that is a different matter altogether.  They try to escape the perils of the Citadel in the latest episode of  Star Wars: The Clone Wars, “Counterattack.”

At the end of the last episode Anakin, Ahsoka, and Tarkin made a quiet getaway into an older part of the Citadel.  They are secure for the moment.  Anakin contacts R2-D2 to take their shuttle and pick up Obi-Wan.  Anakin and his team will meet them at a designated exit.  The reprogrammed battle droids and R2-D2 take off to find Obi-Wan.  He and Even Piell are in route to the landing pad via a passage that looks like some sort of duct.  A drone spots them; Piell leaps about in a very sprite-like fashion and destroys it.  But the drone has already sent a signal, and security seals start to snap shut between the group.  They lose a trooper (and thankfully do not show the gory details).  Obi-Wan and Piell start cutting their way out with lightsabers.

Warden Osi Sobeck tries to thwart the escaping Jedi, but he's been unsuccessful thus far.  This is of course when Count Dooku checks in.  He's unhappy – as usual.  He expresses his unhappiness with the situation and reminds Sobeck that he still needs to obtain the hyperspace code information the former prisoners possess.  Sobeck assures Dooku that he does not have to personally come to set things right.

Anakin and those with him are trying to sneak to  the spot where they will meet the shuttle, but they are shadowed by drones.  Ahsoka leads the group, but Tarkin questions the abilities of a “child.”  Ahsoka leads the group into a dead end.  That probably doesn't improve Tarkin's opinion of her.  It wasn't supposed to be a dead end though.  She was supposed to blow the wall.  It was right in the mission documents which she would have had access to if Master Plo Koon actually told her to join the mission.  Busted.  She's probably going to be in more than a little trouble when she returns to Coruscant.  For now though, they have to face a lot of droids that have discovered their location.  She makes a slight recovery by blowing up the droids and the wall at the same time.

When R2-D2 and his battle droids land, Obi-Wan isn't there.  They are greeted by soldier droids instead.  The battle droids improvise and pretend that R2-D2 is their prisoner.  It gets them through the door, but now Sobeck has possession of the shuttle.  Obi-Wan and his team will walk into a trap.  They proceed with caution down the side of the Citadel.  Unfortunately, Sobeck was watching.  He has droids corner them.  The droids reapprehend the prisoners and take them to the Warden.  Sobeck tries to get the information from them, encouraging them by killing a trooper.  Before the questioning goes further, Sobeck gets word that Anakin's group is surrounded.  He orders droids to take Obi-Wan's group to interrogation.  He promises torture, lots of torture.

They don't quite make it to interrogation thanks to R2-D2 and his battle droids.  They head to the shuttle.  Obi-Wan is convinced that Anakin will go to Plan B since things haven't been working out so far.  Anakin's group is heading through a pungent sulfurous fuel line towards an escape.  Anakin and Tarkin lead the way.  They start to bond.  Sort of.  They agree that since Jedis are peace keepers it doesn't make the most sense to have them fighting a war.  They aren't able to make the harsh decisions that are sometimes required to achieve victory.  Ahsoka interrupts their discussion by finding a way out.  She proclaims the coast is clear, but they've been set up.  They are surrounded.  Again.  After they defeat the droids, Anakin declares that it's time to switch to Plan B.  They'll meet up with R2-D2 at Obi-Wan's position.

Sobeck is informed that the prisoners never made it to interrogation.  He's a bit angry.  He knows that the airfield is their only way of escape so he sends all units there.  Just as Obi-Wan and R2-D2 are tricking the droids into letting them on the shuttle, word comes down that the prisoners are escaping.  They have to get away from the shuttle fast to avoid being killed or re-captured.  Anakin and Ahsoka finally show up.  They have to act before the shuttle is destroyed.  The Jedi and troopers give the droids a spectacular fight.  Anakin commandeers one of the STAPs (Single Trooper Aerial Platform) and tries to take out the turrets before the droids start firing.  Anakin misses though, and Echo destroys the turret and gives his life to do so.  The Jedi realize that they cannot get to the shuttle.  With no way left to escape, the group flees to the caves.  Obi-Wan and Anakin call Plo Koon to ask for a rescue.  They can only hope that the rescue arrives fast.

Trivia & Notes

Mouse droids are seen throughout the Citadel.  The little box-shaped droids can be seen on the Death Star in the original trilogy.

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