Teaser: X-MEN SCHISM Coming in 'MMXI' (Greg Land art)

Teaser: X-MEN SCHISM Coming in "MMXI"

Two important details came out at the very end of the fifth and final of this week's "MMXI: Year of the X-Men" Marvel Comics conference calls with the press: the fact that the full title of the four-issue, Paul Jenkins-written miniseries starting in May is X-Men: Prelude to Schism. It was previously solicited as just X-Men: Prelude.

The second is the Greg Land-illustrated X-Men: Schism teaser image attached to this article, which strongly suggests the two main players behind the titular divide — Cyclops and Wolverine. (It's a ruby quartz visor cut in three places, after all.)

Rich Johnston of Bleeding Cool reported word from an anonymous source last month that the X-Men were heading towards a split, with one team led by Cyclops and one team led by Wolverine.

More on this as we know more.

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