DARK HORSE PRESENTS #2 Covers & Creators Revealed

DARK HORSE PRESENTS #2 Covers & Creators



Dark Horse Presents #2 

Covers by Neal Adams and Sanford Greene

On sale: June 22, 2011

Price: $7.99

80 pages

Creators and stories...

Sanford Greene and Chuck Brown: "Rotten Apple" Part 1 (NEW)

Robert Love and David Walker: "Number 13" Chapter 1 (NEW)

Neal Adams: "Blood" Part 2

Howard Chaykin: "Marked Man" Part 2

Paul Chadwick: "Concrete: In a Wound in the Earth"

Carla Speed McNeil: "Finder: Third World" Part 2

David Chelsea: "Snow Angel" Part 2

Richard Corben: "Murky World" Part 2

Michael T. Gilbert: "Mr. Monster vs. Oooak!" Part 2

Patrick Alexander: "The Wraith" (NEW)

As Dark Horse’s 25th year rolls on in grand fashion, so does Dark Horse Presents!  Issue number 2 of Dark Horse’s landmark anthology features not only the continuation of stories by the likes of Howard Chaykin, Richard Corben, Paul Chadwick, and Carla Speed McNeil, but the premieres of all new stories by Patrick Alexander, Sanford Greene and Robert Love!  Don’t miss this milestone showcase of the comics industry’s hottest talents and most esteemed legends! 

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