Year Of The X-Men - Rick Remender on UNCANNY X-FORCE - LIVE!

Rick Remender on UNCANNY X-FORCE - LIVE!

Marvel's week of "MMXI: The Year Of The X-Men" conference calls with the press continues today with writer Rick Remender and senior editor Nick Lowe talking Uncanny X-Force.

The black-ops team is in the midst of dealing with Deathlok, and they're still reeling from the events of what went down with the little boy reincarnation of Apocalypse in the comic's first arc. And hey, as seen in both the image released last week and the one accompanying this article, it certainly looks like something is up with the Age of Apocalypse versions of the X-Men, no?

As always, Newsarama will be on the line and providing continual updates on what's coming up in Uncanny X-Force — to follow along, just click on the Cover It Live box below.

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