DCU ONLINE Gets First New Content - CATWOMAN, More for Free

DCU ONLINE Gets First New Content

DC Universe Online is getting its first post-release content, Sony Online Entertainment announced via press release today. The content includes both a new character and a new mission, and is available immediately for free for all subscribers of the game on both PS3 and PC.

Catwoman becomes the first "character of the month" for DCUO (click the image to the right, then click "save image as" for a cool new wallpaper from SOE). That means you get a new Catwoman mission, chasing her through Gotham City and the Gotham Musem, even giving a new cut scene after the battle. For those inclined to make their character look more like the feline master thief, new armor and "Cat Burglar" gear can be found, as well. Players can also play as Catwoman in the Legends PvP mode.

Valentine's Day may have come and gone, but Circe's stray magic has brought the Goddess of Love to Metropolis. Players can transport to a mystical realm where they'll temporarily transform into cherubs, fight in new PvP, and take on the Goddess herself.

A second raid in the Batcave, new auctionhouses in the Watchtower and Hall of Doom, new collections and investigations, and a Bane Duo have also been added.

With terms like "Character of the Month" and earlier hints from developers that content would be monthly, it stands to reason fans can expect another update in March. Whether it will hold as much varied content as this one remains to be seen.

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