Runes of Ragnan Returns in Collection

Runes of Ragnan Returns in Collection

The cult favorite Runes of Ragnan debuted with issue #1 with Silent Devil Productions in 2005 and then the remaining issues #2-#4 wrapped up under Image’s Shadowline imprint in early 2006. After a few years of slumber, like a Phoenix, Runes of Ragnan hits shops this week, again through Image as a 136 page trade with rebooted graphics and a slew of extras.

We met up with series creators Ty Gorton, Josh Medors and Jay Fotos to refresh memories on this epic tale and what to expect from this collected edition.

Newsarama: Ty, from the beginning Runes of Ragnan was a true labor of love for you, give us some background how it came to life and how do you feel about it finally coming to trade format?

Ty Gorton: You know, when you put on a pair of pants you haven't worn for awhile, and you reach in your pocket to find a silky soft, wadded up five dollar bill? That's what Runes of Ragnan being released as a trade feels like; completely unexpected and wholly appreciated. I had long since released any expectations for this endeavor, I've moved on in my life to focus on very different goals, so having this project come full circle is one of those refreshing gifts that life occasionally offers. I hope the story finds a new audience while satisfying those who supported it from the very beginning.

NRAMA: Josh, Runes of Ragnan was your first creator owned project that you produced, give us a little background on that as well and how do you feel about this collection finally hitting as a trade?

Josh Medors: Yes, Runes of Ragnan was my first creator owned work. I cut my teeth on the series I guess you could say. I started working on it and doing my first professional work around the same time. I learned the ins and outs of working in the comic industry while penciling the book and what an eye opener that was. It will always have a special place in my heart because of all the hurdles we had to over come trying to get the book out to the readers. So to finally see the trade on the shelves means a lot to me.

NRAMA: Josh, most of the comic industry knows about your battle with cancer right now and if you can let us know how you are doing? Can we expect to see you soon on any upcoming projects?

JM: I am just now finishing up my radiation treatment, and I can't be happier about that. It was a bit tougher than I thought it would be. I won't miss the nausea, and fatigue I can tell you that. I go in for scans in a couple weeks to see how the tumor reacted to the radiation, then I start up chemotherapy (good-bye hair). So as of right now I wont know anything until we get these upcoming scans done. I think this is the most nervous I have been since all of this started. I can't stand sitting around waiting, but I am feeling a little better I am up and walking around again. As far as projects I am still cranking. I am working on another Frazetta book, with Steve Niles, and I am finishing up the Willow Creek series as well.

NRAMA: Jay, what can you tell us about the "rebooted" Runes of Ragnan trade?

Jay Fotos: When Image Central signed on to produce the trade we already had a "rough cut" version of the trade with some extras. With the relaunch thru Image we wanted to do it a little more special with as much as we can do of extras and behind the scenes stuff as possible. I'm a fan of all that and I think the fans appreciate seeing that as well, it's the "potatoes" in a "meat and potatoes" meal. I like the cover as well, made to look like an old beat up leather book with a matte finish and spot UV gloss blood splatter for a cool effect, overall should be a real nice packaged trade.

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