BOOM! Studios Announces New DUCKTALES Ongoing Series

BOOM! Announces DUCKTALES Ongoing Series

One day following Marvel's announcement of Disney•Pixar Presents magazine, BOOM! Studios has unveiled a new ongoing series based on the Disney property DuckTales.

BOOM! publisher and CEO Ross Richie indicated Wednesday in a statement to Newsarama that despite losing the Pixar license to Disney subsidiary Marvel, Mickey Mouse and other classic Disney characters would be sticking with BOOM! for the forseeable future.

The DuckTales comic will be written by Epic Mickey designer Warren Spector and illustrated by veteran Disney comic artist Miquel Pujol. DuckTales aired in syndication from 1987 to 1990, starring Uncle Scrooge and his nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie. Many of the episodes were based on noted Uncle Scrooge comic book stories by Carl Barks.

Like Darkwing Duck and Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers, both the subject of current ongoing series from BOOM!, DuckTales aired as part of the '90s "Disney Afternoon" programming block. BOOM! previously published a DuckTales arc in the pages of their Uncle Scrooge title last year.

BOOM!'s full press release follows:







February 17, 2011 - Los Angeles, CA - Strap in for adventure as BOOM! Studios flies you back to Duckburg to join Uncle Scrooge, Huey, Dewey, Louie, and all your favorite feathered friends in the all-new, original ongoing DUCKTALES comic series! A beloved classic of The Disney Afternoon, DUCKTALES returns with writing by Epic Mickey video game creator Warren Spector and spectacular art by fan-favorite Disney Duck artist Miquel Pujol! Don't miss out as The Disney Afternoon Revolution continues in a big way this May with DUCKTALES!

“You want ducks? Oh, do we have ducks!” says BOOM! Studios Marketing Director Chip Mosher. “We're taking you back to one of the most celebrated Disney Afternoon series ever aired! And with a creative powerhouse like Warren Spector and fantastic art from Miquel Pujol, this series is sure to be jam-packed with duck adventures no DUCKTALES fans will want to miss!”

DUCKTALES is BOOM!'s latest and greatest of The Disney Afternoon Revolution that “might solve a mystery,” and will definitely “rewrite history!” Existing within the same continuity as BOOM!’s hit series DARKWING DUCK, find out why “life is like a hurricane!”

DUCKTALES #1 is written by Warren Spector and drawn by Miquel Pujol and ships with A & B covers by Leonel Castellani and James Silvani respectively, as well as a 1-in-10 incentive cover. This title ships this May.

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