Spidey and the FF Team-Up For AMAZING SPIDER-MAN in April

Spidey and the FF Team-Up in April

Amazing Spider-Man

#658 cover.

The April solicitations for Amazing Spider-Man were listed as "classified" when released last month, and as of Tuesday afternoon we now know why: because of direct tie-ins to Spider-Man's recently announced presence in the new series FF, the March-debuting title by writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Steve Epting replacing Fantastic Four in Marvel's publishing line. Marvel's full press release, with information on Amazing Spider-Man #658 and #659, follows:

Press Release

Spider-Man Joins The FF!

Spider-Man’s sold-out ascent through the Big Time is about to get even more colossal as acclaimed writer Dan Slott and red-hot artists Stefano Caselli and Javier Pulido induct the wall-crawler into the newly minted FF only in Amazing Spider-Man #658 and #659 this April! But now that he’s on the team, will he prove be more a liability than an asset to the FF? The Sinister Six are betting on it…and they’ll ensure that the all-new FF’s first steps into the world shake the Marvel Universe for years to come!

“Spidey and the FF are really what Marvel is all about. And with both books firing on all cylinders right now, I couldn’t be happier to see their worlds overlap more” says Marvel Senior Editor, Stephen Wacker. “All of this is building up to some big moments for Spidey as his work with the FF comes at a pretty crucial time in his life. It’s going to be a dramatic summer for Spidey… to say the least.”

Amazing Spider-Man

#659 cover.

The smash hit storyline of the year collides with the epic opening salvo of Marvel’s newest super-team this April only in Amazing Spider-Man #658 and #659! And follow the wall-crawler into the annals of Marvel history when FF #1 arrives this March!


Written by DAN SLOTT



Rated A .$3.99

FOC-3/21/11, On-Sale-4/13/11


Written by DAN SLOTT

Pencils and Cover by STEFANO CASELLI

Rated A .$3.99

FOC-4/4/11, On-Sale-4/27/11

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