Marvel's Young Heroes Prep For FEAR ITSELF: YOUTH IN REVOLT


Another day, and another Fear Itself tie-in is announced by Marvel Comics — this time, it's Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt, a six-issue series written by the Gravity team of writer Sean McKeever and artist Mike Norton.

As the title suggests, the series will focus on Marvel's younger heroes as they deal with the Fear Itself threat, including, based on the cover released, Gravity and Firestar. The two characters were both in Young Allies, the recently canceled McKeever-written team book, and part of the cast of the writer's Onslaught Unleashed miniseries, the first issue of which was released this week. The cast also looks to include former members of Avengers: The Initiative, including Komodo, Cloud 9, Hardball, Thor Girl and Ultra Girl.

This series joins with other Fear Itself tie-ins announced this week, including Fear Itself: Spider-Man and the upcoming arc on Secret Avengers. The main Fear Itself miniseries starts in April, with a one-shot prologue Fear Itself: Book of the Skull in March.

Marvel's full press release follows:

Press Release

Fear Itself has a stranglehold on the Marvel Universe and this May, Eisner Award-winning writer Sean McKeever and fan favorite artist Mike Norton, take the next generation of Marvel heroes’ fight for freedom outside the chain of command in Fear Itself: Youth In Revolt #1 (of 6)! In the wake of the Civil War, the Initiative would have been there to marshal the heroes of tomorrow against any force of evil, no matter how great. But for the heroes-in-training who managed to survive Norman Osborn’s corrupt regime, there’s only one honorable response to yet another call for mandatory service – run!

“With YOUTH IN REVOLT, we’re taking a look at how a palpable sense of fear and despair can affect the younger generation of heroes,” said McKeever to “In the first issue, they’re deputized by the federal government in anticipation of terrible things to come, but what then? When they’re rushed into action without any strategy, who suffers? When things get out of hand, who will step up and who will crumble? And how well can they stand up to their own fears?”

Unregistered and untested, the former Initiative trainees will learn fast that even super-heroes have to cope with the horrors of war and the cost may be higher than they ever imagined! Can this team of youngsters push back the forces of Fear Itself and make it out on one piece? Find out in Fear Itself: Youth In Revolt #1 (of 6)!


Written by SEAN McKEEVER

Pencils by MIKE NORTON


Rated T+ … $2.99


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