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Even if you're still making your way through a fridge full of pizza left over from your Super Bowl party, treat yourself to all that New Comic Book Day has to offer. Take a look at a bunch of previews of this week's comics here, including exclusive looks at Red Robin #20 from DC Comics and IDW's Love and Capes: Ever After #1.

Each week, J. Caleb Mozzocco provides the J. Caleb Mozzocco-est rundown of the week's new releases in Blog@Newsarama's ‘Twas the Night Before Wednesday…, and this week he illustrates the Marvel/DC/Nickelodeon underwater crossover previously contained solely in our wildest dreams.

Any child of the '90s surely remembers Onslaught, the villain at the center of Marvel's big crossover back in the summer of 1996. He's seen a couple of revivals since, and returns again in Onsaught Unleashed #1, the first of a four-issue miniseries. Also from Marvel: Wolverine #5.1, part of their new reader-friendly "Point One" initiative.

"Flashpoint" is DC's big summer crossover of this year, and the lead up to it starts in this week's Flash #9. Elsewhere at the publisher, "War of the Green Lanterns" gets a prelude in Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #7, and a new video game adaptation starts with Deus Ex #1, the first in a six-issue series.

And no, of course that isn't it: Aspen launches a new series with Charismagic #0, IDW's licensed character/zombie bonanza continues with Star Trek: Infestation #1, and BOOM!'s Stan Lee-line keeps on keepin' on with Starborn #3, among other notable releases.

The Best Shots team has advance reviews of those last three comics here, but, hey, guess what? We want to hear from you! So get out there, buy some comics, get on Twitter (Don't forget to follow us!), and let the world know your 140-character-or-less thoughts on this week's releases. Just add the hashtag:


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