Journey into Azeroth 2: Accessorize, Guild, Explore WoW

Journey into Azeroth 2: Accessorize


Last time
, my journey into World of Warcraft had just begun and I was still trying to figure out both the game-play and the basic elements of the world. After reaching level ten, I stepped up my game by buying a Razor Naga mouse. No ordinary mouse, the Naga allows me to program my attacks onto twelve small buttons on the left side of mouse. This made combat much easier and I found myself settling into a rhythm with a specific attack order. For example, I would select an enemy then signal my Dragonhawk to attack and while he flew to the enemy I would use the “steady shot” attack so that the enemy would be hit by both my pet and my arrows at the same time. All in all, the combat is not difficult. The hardest part for me was to maintain a distance between the enemy and myself because as a hunter I have less close range attack options. However, It is this almost monotonous combat that makes it easy to play for hours. Because it isn’t too challenging to take down ten Centaur Bracers, I found myself saying, “Just one more quest, then I’ll go to bed.”  Suddenly it is four in the morning and I am still running around Azeroth. 


I found myself running around a lot during levels 10-20. Once I reached Silvermoon City, the home city of the Blood Elves, I was ready to see other parts of Azeroth. I just wasn’t sure where to go or how to get there. Luckily, I was invited to join a guild. Up to this point I had managed to play the game completely by myself, not interacting with any other players. My knowledge of guilds came entirely from Felicia Day’s The Guild and so I thought I would have to reach at least level fifty before being recruited. However, this is not the case. There are plenty of “beginner guilds” looking for members. I was lucky enough to be found by Maneero, the guild master of Infernal SaiKoriSai. Maneero describes the guild as “helpful” and full of “easygoing” members. In fact, the only thing Infernal SaiKoriSai will not tolerate is “unkind attitudes or uncalled for drama.” I was shocked. Could this be real? When I signed up for WoW I prepared myself to deal with players like The Guild’s Axis of Anarchy. Instead, my first social interaction on WoW was actually quite pleasant.


I saw that most of the members were not in Silvermoon or the Eversong Woods and decided it was time to explore. Even in console games like Fallout 3, I like to roam around. I’ll return to the main story, of course, but I enjoy seeing the different areas and creating my own path. Although many of my fellow “guildies” were in dungeons, I decided I wasn’t ready for that much social interaction yet (I didn’t want to push my luck!) and wanted to level up a little more. After exploring Silvermoon for twenty minutes, I found an Orb of Translocation in the Sunfury Spire. This orb connects to one in the Ruins of Lordaeron in Undercity. The landscape was completely different. Replacing the bright colors of Silvermoon were greys, blues, and dark greens. The ruins were deserted and as the name suggests, Undercity is actually underneath the ruins. I didn’t visit there when I first used the Orb, but headed straight towards Zeppelin Tower.


That’s right, there are zeppelins in WoW! I had not heard of this and was very intrigued. The zeppelins have the football like shape of what we are used to, but it is connected to what looks like a ship. This is how players can travel between the continents in Azeroth. I chose one at random and ended up in Orgrimmar, home city of the Orcs. Orgrimmar is full of spikes and sand. It is also huge which worked out perfectly since there were plenty of quests for my level in the area. I was immediately sent off to kill some Night Elf scouts outside the city.


I began seeing a pattern with the quests. Around three or four non-playable characters (NPCs) would hand out the quests in the area. I would accept all of the quests at the same time because I found that most of the quests were in the same location and could be completed simultaneously. I would return after completing the quests and the NPCs would give me another quest until finally sending me to a new area (also via quest). Not all of the quests were combat based, some were either finding items or even blowing up the enemy’s ammunition stockpiles. But by completing these quests, I ended up traveling from Orgrimmar to the Northern Barrens, which is reminiscent of the Serengeti. What I liked most about this area was that raptors roamed the plains. My favorite dinosaur is Velociraptor and I knew right away I wanted it as a pet. Unfortunately I would have to put my Dragonhawk in a stable if I wished to have a raptor until I reached level 20 when I could hold two pets. Once again, I found myself wanting to reach the next level achievement for something pet related.

After staying in the Northern Barrens completing quests on my own for almost six levels, I moved on to Ratchet, which is a coastal town plagued by pirates. This was my favorite faction of the Northern Barrens mainly because it contained both raptors and pirates. One of my favorite quests was called “Wittle Wraptors” and my objective was to trap raptors by shrinking them. By the end of the quest, I turned into the NPC five “wittle wraptors.” This quest combined both combat as well as a quest item.

I reached level 20 around the same time that I finished all the quests in Ratchet. I decided that I had played WoW by myself long enough and that it was time to play with other people. Gulp!

Courtney Woods is a senior at NYU with a major in Villainy in Literature, Film, and Other Media. She plays as Armoura the Blood Elf on Darrowmere.

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