UPDATED: FLASHPOINT #1 Cover, Teaser Logos/ Symbols

New DC FLASHPOINT Teaser Logo/Symbols &

Updated 4:45pm EST: Not to be outdone by Marvel's release of the first cover to their big 2011 event Fear Itself, DC Comics followed-up on their release of Flashpoint teaser symbols (below) with the release of Andy Kubert's cover to the first issue of that event series. Click to your right to see the full image..

Original story: DC Comics is out Friday morning with some new teaser logos and copy (in the form of question) for the seemingly altered reality of their summer 2011 Geoff Johns written/Flash-centric event Flashpoint.

Check them out below...

fpicon1When did Cyborg become our protector of Truth, Justice and the American Way?



Why is Citizen Cold the greatest hero of Central City?


fpicon3Where will the Ravager strike next?

fpicon4Who is the Outsider and why is he better than you?




What is top secret?

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