BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY Shows Locale/Characters in New images

BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY Shows Off New Images

You voted Batman: Arkham City your most anticipated superhero game of 2011, so we thought we'd indulge your desparate desire for more about the game with four all-new images.

Batman glides through the city in one, while Harley Quinn shows off her revised look in another.

Some new Joker Goons are about to get a taste of Batman's fists and boots as he slinks up behind them stealthily, which provided some of the highlights of the first game.

Finally, Two Face, new to the this game world of Batman's, is doing some recruiting, which spells trouble for Batman and the citizens of Gotham alike.

Batman: Arkham City, written once again by Paul Dini and from the development team at Rocksteady, is due for release Fall 2011. Click through the gallery to your right, and when you enlarge, right-click and choose "view image" to see giganto versions.

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