Ardden Entertainment/Atlas APRIL 2011 Solicitations

Ardden Entertainment APRIL Solicitations



Writer: Brendan Deneen

Artist: Eduardo Garcia

Price: $3.99

Full Color, 22 Pages

In this stunning conclusion to Ardden’s second Flash Gordon story arc, the truth behind The General’s true identity is finally revealed, and he has a shocking connection to none other than Dr. Hans Zarkov! With the Red Sword’s forces about to conquer Mongo, Flash must do whatever necessary to defeat his fellow earthlings… and possibly find a way home!  Meanwhile, Ming has his own plans… plans that lead directly into the next arc, The Vengeance of Ming!



Writers: Jim Krueger & Brendan Deneen

Artist: Dean Zachary

Price: $2.99

Full Color, 22 Pages

The resurrection continues! Ed Tyler has escaped his captors and returned to earth… but can the aliens be very far behind?  Meanwhile, Ed’s girlfriend is having a hard time believing Ed’s story of alien abduction and experimentation… but the creatures that show up at her doorstep, hunting for Ed, may just be enough to convince her!



Writer: Steve Niles

Artist: Nat Jones

Price: $2.99

Full Color, 22 Pages

After the shocking events of Wulf #1, Detective Sam Lomax finds himself lost in a strange world, battling against the barbarian know as Wulf (not to mention a crazy assortment of monsters)!  Meanwhile, a dark evil presence haunts the streets of New York City.  Can Lomax and Wulf keep from killing each other long enough to save not one but two worlds?!



Writer: Stephen Susco & Tony Isabella

Artist: Kelley Jones

Price: $2.99

Full Color, 22 Pages

Do you dare cross into the Fringe?! The war for an army of souls continues here, as Matthew Dunsinane (aka The Grim Ghost) battles his eternal enemy, Lord Braddock, for control over the most powerful soul the Fringe has seen in centuries.  Join in now for the coolest supernatural action this side of heaven…or hell!



Writer: Andrea Grant

Artist: Rey Arzeno

Price: $3.99

Full Color, 22 Pages

The battle for Minx’s soul continues!  After waking up from a seven-year coma, Minx finds herself trapped between reality and the world known only as Dreamtime, the alternate reality that humans inhabit when they’re sleeping.  But this is no dream… the sexy and enigmatic Ptolemy has an ages-old grudge with Minx, and he’s willing to do whatever necessary to get what he wants!



Writers: Matt Sullivan & Gabe Guarente

Artist: Ethan Young

Price:  $2.99

Black & White with Full Color Cover, 22 Pages

After the shocking reveal of the newest Comeback King at the end of CK #1, Bruce Lee trains the team’s new recruit, Michael Jackson, hoping to turn his dance skills into martial arts moves. Meanwhile, Elvis Presley and Andy Kaufman go undercover to Las Vegas—dressed as Elvis impersonators! —to stop a terrorist posing as a magician from making Sin City disappear with a truckload of C4.  This dark satire is packed with humor, action and not-so-dead celebrities!

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