Marvel 'Next Big Thing' - Rick Remender on VENOM - LIVE!

Venom is coming back to the Marvel Universe in a big way — first in February's Amazing Spider-Man #654.1, then in the new Venom ongoing from writer Rick Remender and artist Tony Moore, debuting in March.

We talked with Remender last month and learned the broad strokes of the title — that it casts Venom as a globetrotting super-spy on black-ops missions for the military — but there's still a lot that we don't know, like who is the latest host for the famous symbiote.

While we may not get that question answered, we'll find out a lot more about Venom in Marvel's latest "Next Big Thing" conference call with the press, featuring Remender and Marvel senior editor Steve Wacker. The call should be starting soon, and in the meantime, enjoy some new interior pages from issue #1 by Moore — plus some covers, including one for #4 by Mike Deodato. For live coverage of the call, follow along in the box below:

Venom #1 cover

by Joe Quesada.

Venom #1 variant

cover by Paulo Siqueira.

Venom #2 cover

by Tony Moore.

Venom #4 cover

by Mike Deodato.





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