Millar Focusing On 'Millarworld' After DEATH OF SPIDER-MAN


Following the upcoming "Death of Spider-Man" arc in Marvel's Ultimate Universe line of titles, Mark Millar will step away from work-for-hire projects to concentrate solely on creator-owned endeavors, the writer told Newsarama.

“Creatively, for the next couple of years, really, I'm really planning on just doing creator-owned,” Millar said.

Millar’s early Marvel work includes 1996’s Skrull Kill Krew, which he co-wrote with Grant Morrison. The writer came to Marvel in earnest in 2000, with the debut of Ultimate X-Men.

"It has a real symbolism, when I came in 10 years ago to Marvel with the Ultimate line, and this is sort of my passing torch actually, this is me leaving, this is the end of my time at Marvel," Millar said via telephone interview. "I'm off doing Millarworld now, really."

Millar stressed that he was leaving Marvel "under the nicest possible circumstances," and indicated that he may return to the company's universe of characters in the future.

“I genuinely love the characters,” Millar said. “In October, when I was out there just sitting around the table with Bendis and everyone again, it was nice, it was like the Seinfeld reunion,” the writer said of a Marvel creative retreat he attended this past fall.

In his time at Marvel, Millar launched Ultimate X-Men, The Ultimates and Ultimate Fantastic Four, the latter co-written with fellow Ultimate Universe mainstay Brian Michael Bendis. Millar is collaborating with Bendis for the “Death of Spider-Man” storyline.

“It's quite nice to go out doing the characters I came in with, the Ultimate characters,” Millar said. “It has a real symmetry that it's back to Bends and I for the end of it.”

Within the mainstream Marvel Universe, Millar is best known for Civil War, the popular seven-part storyline that pitted Marvel’s heroes against each other over the issue of superhuman registration. Millar’s also written Fantastic Four, Marvel Knights Spider-Man, 1985, the “Old Man Logan” arc of Wolverine and Trouble.

Millar’s creator-owned line, “Millarworld,” launched in 2004 with titles including Wanted, Chosen and The Unfunnies. Wanted, released by Top Cow, beecame a feature film, as did Kick-Ass, a miniseries written by Millar and published by Marvel’s creator-owned Icon line.

“There will certainly still be a good relationship with Icon,” Millar said, continuing that future installments of Kick-Ass will be released through the publisher, and possibly more.

Millar stated that more news on his forthcoming creator-owned titles will be announced at his Kapow Comic Con, held April 9 and 10 in London, and that one series will be illustrated by Watchmen artist Dave Gibbons.

“Gibbons has only worked with Alan Moore and Frank Miller really in the past,” Millar said. “It’s hell of big shoes to fill.” 

Ultimate Avengers Vs. New Ultimates #1, part of the Millar-written segment of “Death of Spider-Man,” is on sale Feb. 9.

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