TV Recap: CLONE WARS Witches of the Mist

Savage Opress has proved that he is a powerful force. The episode moral cautions that “"The path to evil may bring great power, but not loyalty." Opress does not react kindly to being a puppet. Between Dooku, Ventress, and Mother Talzin, Opress has a lot of strings attached. The Nightsisters story arc wraps up with the latest episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Witches of the Mist.

Killing two Jedi draws attention. Since the incident on Devaron, the Jedi Council has become very aware of a new threat in the galaxy. Obi-Wan notices the killing is sloppy and doesn't think a Sith Lord could be behind it. After reviewing surveillance footage of the incident on Devaron, he immediately jumps to the conclusion that the killer was Darth Maul. Though it is not Maul, the Council deduces that the killer is from the same planet - Dathomir. Obi-Wan and Anakin travel to the source of the problem.

Meanwhile, Dooku has started training Opress in the ways of the Force. Sith training is as brutal as you would expect. It's not a nurturing learning environment. Dooku gives plentiful criticism and doles out frequent punishment. The only thing he encourages is for Opress to embrace his hate. If Opress slips, Dooku tortures him with Force lightning. He soon feels comfortable enough to send his new apprentice on a second assignment. He sends Opress to Toydaria and tells him to bring back King Katuunko alive. The King once turned down an alliance with the Separatists,and it appears that Dooku holds a grudge.

Obi-Wan and Anakin arrive to the red-tinged planet of Dathomir. They go directly to the Zabrak side of the planet. They walk in calmly, but the Nightbrothers immediately assault them. Anakin gets their attention by putting his lightsaber to the throat of one of their leaders. Obi-Wan asks about the location of the mysterious warrior, and the clan directs him to Mother Talzin and the Nightsisters. They travel to the other side of the planet, but they don't get a warm welcome there either. This despite the fact that Anakin notes that he has a way with the ladies. They are taken at knife point to meet Talzin. She initially plays dumb, but Obi-Wan reminds her that is widely known that females are dominant on the planet. Without further trouble, she gives up the name and location of the new threat. The Jedis head to Toydaria to capture Opress. As they leave, Mother Talzin tells Ventress that it is time to use her pawn and take revenge on Dooku.

Opress arrives at Toydaria first. He cuts down the guards and has the King cornered in no time. Anakin and Obi-Wan arrive and engage the Zabrak. They manage to distract him, but in his anger, Opress snaps King Katuunko's neck. His raw emotion and power phase the Jedi. He escapes and takes out Anakin and Obi-Wan's ship in the process.

Opress drags the dead Toydarian King and presents him to Dooku like a cat presenting a mouse. Dooku is unhappy and calls him an ignorant beast. Dooku's about to be unhappier though. Just as he punishing Opress with excessive Force lightning, Ventress arrives. She purposefully taps Opress' forehead, and he falls under her command. They both turn on Dooku. Their anger and hatred is apparent in every step. They fight with ferocity, but it's not enough. Dooku is too powerful. When Opress points this out, Ventress calls him weak. Opress realizes he has been nothing but a pawn. He uses his rage against both of his masters. He catches them off guard, but they realize the danger and escape.

Anakin and Obi-Wan arrive just as Dooku and Ventress leave. They decide to take on Savage together, but the fight is short-lived. Droids have been ordered to attack the new apprentice, and they interrupt.  It is enough of a distraction for Opress to use to get away. Meanwhile, Ventress is desperate to release her vengeance upon Dooku. They duel, and it doesn't look good for the Nightsister. But, yet again, they end in a draw. Ventress escapes.

Wounded, physically and otherwise, Savage returns to Dathomir. The manipulative Mother Talzin welcomes him with comforting arms. She tells him about a lost brother. The image in her crystal ball looks a lot like a certain Sith Lord we've seen before. Darth Maul. He lives on the Outer Rim in exile. She tells Opress to find him. Maul will train him to be more even powerful.


The Delta Squad, first seen in the video game Star Wars: Republic Commando, makes a cameo in this episode. They brief the Jedi about the incident on Devaron.

While Darth Maul appeared dead after being cut in half at the waist by Obi-Wan Kenobi in "The Phantom Menace," the expanded universe has already made note of his survival, or of a possible clone or resurrection of the Sith warrior. Whether that later appearance and this teased one are the same is yet to be seen.

This marks an interesting time in the history of the Sith; since the "Rule of Two" was initiated, this is the highest number of trained Sith in existence at one time, as we currently have Darth Sidious, Darth Tyranus, Darth Maul, Savage Opress, and Asajj Ventress in various stages of their dark side training and abilities, also all pitched against each other.

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