Wolfenstein's Return - More Info Released About the Game

Word has been percolating for a while that classic gaming franchise and originator of the first person shooter Wolfenstein had a new game coming, courtesy of Raven Software. The new game was officially announced at Activision’s non-E3 event in mid July, however not much of the game was actually shown. Well, they remedied that situation at QuakeCon, the celebration of all things id Software yesterday.

First off - Raven. Raven is probably most famous for the X-Men Legends series and Marvel Ultimate Alliance, but have experience in the FPS world with such games as Quake 4 (also from id Software), Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force, and similar style in Star Wars Jedi Knight 2 and 3. They’ll be helped along the way by a brand new independent developer from the UK called Endrant Studios. This will be Endrant’s first project, so it should be comforting to fans that they’ll be working with the seasoned vets at Raven.

The new screenshots reveal the nature of the new game. There will be multiple pathways through each mission of the game, allowing for a more customized experience. Ze Germans this time are trying to get into a parallel dimension called the Veil. The Veil is seen in the game as sort of a negative version of our own world, and can be activated from very early on in the game. The screenshots in the image gallery to your right show how some scenes look “normal” and “veiled”. Within the veil, the Black Sun is the source of all energy, which the Nazis are trying to harness. There will be quite a few creatures within the veil, essentially doubling the number of enemies in each area. B.J. Blazkowicz, the game’s protagonist, will be superpowered when in veil mode, as well, revealing hidden paths and boosting his speed and vision. There will be a time limit to your veil usage, however, that recharges on its own- just don’t expect to be in the veil for the entire game.

There will be multiplayer in this latest incarnation, though not much was said just yet. There will be class and team based gameplay, and the veil (and assorted powers) WILL be included in multiplayer games.

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