SMALLVILLE's Erica Durance: "Part of Lois Lane Legacy"

Smallville fans are some of the most loyal out there. The day Newsarama spoke to Erica Durance, who plays Lois Lane was #DuranceDay on Twitter. It's a tough task to take over an iconic role that so many others have done so well, but Durance made it her own in one episode flat. We chatted with Erica at this month's TCA's and got some info on what's coming for her character, a bit of bachelorette craziness and whether or not she'd do a Smallville movie.

Newsarama: Did anyone tell you it's Durance Day on Twitter?

Erica Durance: No! Wow! Oh, that's so nice! That's awesome.

Nrama: You've recently teased that you get to play 'dress up' again. Is there anything you can tell us about that?

Durance: This year? I'm trying to cycle through know when you do so many back to back, they start to just meld together. Yeah, I ended up doing something that...we end up getting up in to a little bit of trouble at our...Clark (Tom Welling) and Lois are having a bachelor/bachelorette party, and they find themselves in trouble. Everybody in the group has gone willy nilly, and it's all about trying to figure out what happened the night before, and I end up finding myself in a similar situation that I was when I was in “Exposed,” except with kind of a more period type quality to it. So it's very costume oriented, and it was just beautiful and it was such fun. It was wild and it was great.

Nrama: Bachelor parties do sometimes go awry...sometimes they do end up with people in costume!

Durance: [laughs] They do! Somebody is in a costume!

Nrama: Talk a bit about working with the team now that they know that you know. What sort of interaction are you going to have with them? Are you part of it all now, or are you still on the outskirts?

Durance: Well, I am getting introduced to different sorts of things. I'm just trying to find my niche and how I fit into things. What's lovely is actually getting to be a part of that Lois Lane legacy, so now I can contribute in the way that she does. Being a journalist and getting to investigate and going off on her own and kind of digging deeper and doing it the human way. Without any magical powers. [laughs] And what I love about her is that she often comes to the same conclusions as they do, but she obviously doesn't have the extra gifts. It's just being human and being tenacious. And there is a little more camaraderie between her and Tess (Cassidy Freeman) and Tess can see good things about Lois. They've always gone head to head but now they're kind of on the same team. All working for a common good. Most recently I just shot something where I went under cover, sleuthing for her, so that will be a fun one.

Nrama: Well, I actually wanted to ask about that relationship, because I think that's one of the cool things about shows that go on for so many years. Adversaries can grow to appreciate one another. It's a really fun thing to watch.

Durance: It is. One of the things that's great about doing...I've done seven, some people have had the full ten years...but you get to play a lot with your characters. You get to have fun and have a long arc and show that yeah, we can find moments. Especially if it's such a specific thing. This show is all about that mythology. The hero is good vs. evil. And so you kind of draw the line in the sand and find out which side you ought to rest on. And sometimes it is. Sometimes someone you thought was your adversary is your ally.

Nrama: Martha Kent (Annette O'Toole) is coming back to the show. Does she give you any advice about marrying into the Kent family?

Durance: I did have the pleasure of working with Annette again in that upcoming episode, and it's so wonderful for Lois to finally feel like she belongs. She's given the thumbs up. She gets in Martha what she doesn't have. And that is this open relationship with a woman and a mother figure...working with her is so beautiful and it's easy. There was just this ease to it. She gets the acceptance and you start to of the things that Lois struggles with is, how does she, I think as anyone does when they find themselves with a partner that they love, how is it that I ended up landing this person? And how can I match up to this and live up to that? And of course, in this situation, she's with somebody that is super-powered. Larger than life and all of those things. And so, to have his mother give her the was great.

Nrama: So, are we going to see any wedding planning?

Durance: Well, I haven't planned anything yet. I know that there are whispers of this and that, but so far we've just had our...she gets a token of love from Martha, that passed down as an heirloom, which is wonderful, and they've had their bachelorette party. Now it's kind of interesting. You'll see a couple of moments where you think, oh god, is Lois going to run away again? You know her fear of commitment. The more she realizes how much she loves Clark, the more difficult it is to stay. She's always looking for reasons to leave first, right? So there are a lot of things going on.

Nrama: I know they're giving me the signal to wrap it up, but I can't leave without asking you if you'd do a Smallville movie if given the chance.

Durance: A Smallville film? I would do anything to keep working with my family. Absolutely.

Smallville airs Friday nights at 8/7c on the CW, and returns with new episodes Jan 28, 2011.

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