RED SONJA Goes For Round 2 Vs. Loki, Norse Pantheon

RED SONJA Goes For Round 2 Vs. Loki

Red Sonja has always been a character that's been larger than life -- but what happens when she locks horns with the gods of Asgard?

That question will be answered this February, with Dynamite's Red Sonja: Revenge of the Gods, written by Luke Lieberman and illustrated by Carlos Rafael. Pitting the She-Devil with a Sword in a rematch the Trickster God Loki -- and perhaps more of the Norse pantheon -- this sequel to Wrath of the Gods promises to be epic.

We spoke with Lieberman about what sets this book apart from other Red Sonja tales, his direction on the well-worn Norse pantheon, and what happens when Red meets Ragnorak.

Newsarama: So Luke, just to start us off with -- with a lot of Red Sonja product out there, what would you say sets Revenge of the Gods apart?

Luke Lieberman: Its bigger. Most of the new Sonja line focuses on down to earth sword and sandal stories - this one is high fantasy, big stakes and very powerful characters. Most of the time Sonja is the best warrior on the field but she is a bit out of her depth dealing with the gods. 

Nrama: Now, for those who don't know, can you tell us a little bit about the history Red Sonja has with Loki, the Norse God of Mischief?

Lieberman: She stabbed him through the chest and defeated him in the last series. As Loki sees it, this upstart mortal robbed him of his rightful crown. His hatred runs deep, he has a fanatical belief in his own natural superiority and defeat at the hands of a mortal is bitter.

Nrama: With characters like Loki, there's obviously a lot of room for interpretation here. What's he like in the context of this story?

Lieberman: Wicked, clever and arrogant. He views mortals as chattel who exist for his amusement. At the beginning of this series he is forced to live among them. He has been banished from the mythical kingdom of Wodinaz and forced to live with mortals, really uncouth mortals who don't bathe much. It's not like he is in Aquilonia or some civilized area, he is in Vanaheim, its the middle of nowhere.

Nrama: And Sonja? What's running through her head as this story progresses? There's obviously some standard qualities that'll never really change, but what's at stake for her in Revenge of the Gods?

Lieberman: She is cursing herself for failing to kill Loki the first time, Sonja does not like to lose, and she understands how dangerous he is. Loki more or less comes after her, seeking revenge so she is compelled to fight him. As for the stakes... Ragnarok is the end of the world.

Nrama: Since the title of this book says "Gods" rather than "God" -- are there going to be any appearances from any of Loki's Norse brethren? Or any other pantheons?

Lieberman: Loki is looking at his brother Thor sitting on the throne of Wodinaz - his rightful throne. Loki would rather destroy the whole kingdom, and the Hyborian world with it, then brook such an insult. I mentioned Ragnarok before, so yes there will be other characters derived from Norse mythology.

Nrama: Can you tell us a bit about Carlos Rafael, and what he brings to the table as far as his artwork goes?

Lieberman: I worked with him before in Savage Tales and he is just solid. He has a real attention to detail and asks alot of questions because he wants to get everything exactly right, just what a writer likes to see.

Nrama: Finally, for those who still aren't sure about Revenge of the Gods, what would you tell them to get them on board?

Lieberman: This one packs alot of action, the story moves fast and keeps building. No pretenses, just big and fun with big league slugfests galore.

Are you ready for Revenge? Are you ready for Revenge?

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