DARK HORSE COMICS' APRIL 2011 Solicitations



Al Capp Studios (W/A)

On sale June 15

FC, 188 pages


HC, 9" x 12"

First appearing in Al Capp’s Li’l Abner comic strip in August 1948, the oddly shaped (and happily edible) Shmoo creature became an overnight phenomenon, spawning an unprecedented merchandising frenzy in the late forties and fifties. As part of the Dark Horse Archives series, ALL Shmoo newspaper strip appearances and storylines are being collected for the first time ever in a deluxe, oversized hardcover! In addition to every weekly and Sunday Shmoo newspaper appearance from 1948 to 1976, this collection also features rare Al Capp photographs and Shmoo illustrations, a look at some Shmoo-centric products from its marketing heyday, a brand-new Shmoo wraparound cover by renowned illustrator Pete Poplaski, as well as an introduction and story annotations by certified Shmoo-ologist Denis Kitchen!

• This Shmoo archival hardcover features every Shmoo newspaper strip appearance and story line!

• Comics historian, publisher, and collector Denis Kitchen provides the same illuminating artistic and cultural commentary that graced Dark Horse’s Al Capp’s Shmoo: The Complete Comic Books, Al Capp’s Li’l Abner: The Frazetta Years and the Little Annie Fanny volumes.



Randy Stradley (W), Rick Leonardi (P), Mark Pennington (I), Wes Dzioba (C), and Raymond Swanland (Cover)

On sale June 29

FC, 144 pages


TPB, 7" x 10"

A long-lost Predator clan stakes its claim for galactic dominance, intent on exterminating its rival clan, the self-same trophy hunters who have plagued Earth’s history. And if the advanced technology and military precision of this new threat weren’t enough, they have an even more terrifying weapon—a horde of Aliens under their malefic control. Earthmen must now side with the warriors who have relentlessly hunted them, but is the enemy of my enemy my friend or just another enemy waiting for its turn to strike?

• One of the most popular science-fiction/action franchises, spawning countless films, games, comics, and toys over three decades.

• Aliens vs. Predator: Three World War is the biggest action blowout yet, written by original AvP scribe Randy Stradley and illustrated by Rick Leonardi and Mark Pennington.

• Collects issues #1-#6 of the miniseries.



Malachai Nicolle (W) and Ethan Nicolle (P/I/Cover)

On sale Apr 6

FC, 32 pages



Axe Cop isn’t an ordinary cop! He’s the best crime-fighter the world has ever known, thanks to his amazing team of partners—Dinosaur Soldier, Sockarang, and his pet T. Rex, Wexter!

But right now, Axe Cop is in trouble on a distant world full of dinosaurs. If he can’t make it back to Earth before a team of invading bad guys strikes, we might soon be living on bad guy Earth!

Full of hilarious characters unlike any you’ve ever seen, and exploding with insane adventures like interplanetary warfare and time-travel, Axe Cop is the new comic-book series that everyone is talking about!

• Written by a six-year-old and drawn by his 30-year-old brother!

“. . . Funny, goofy, frenetic, exuberant . . . a pure, crystalline, downright weaponized expression of the kidlike essence of comics.” —NPR




Mike Mignola (W), Scott Allie (W), Karl Moline (P/Variant Cover), Andy Owens (I), Dave Stewart (C), and Jo Chen (Cover)

On sale Apr 6

FC, 32 pages



Three years after accidently burning her family alive, 14-year-old firestarter Liz Sherman travels with Professor Broom to investigate a small New England town, where a terrible witch hunt occurred and a ghost plagues a priest’s house.

• Cover by Jo Chen (Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8)

• Art by Fray artist Karl Moline!

• Ghosts, witches, and haunted houses!

 “Allie generates a suitable mood of foreboding and horror” —IGN

“Moline's pencils are crisp and attractive, a reminder that he's got a strong eye for characters” —Comic Book Resources



Mike Mignola (W/Cover), Christopher Golden (W), Ben Stenbeck (A), and Dave Stewart (C)

On sale June 8

FC, 144 pages


HC, 7" x 10"

After a devastating plague ends World War I, Europe is suddenly flooded with vampires. Lord Henry Baltimore, a soldier determined to wipe out the monsters, fights his way through bloody battlefields, ruined plague ships, exploding zeppelins, and submarine graveyards, on the hunt for the creature who’s become his obsession.

• This hardcover collects issues #1-#5 of the miniseries and features an extensive sketchbook section.



Joss Whedon (W), Jane Espenson (W), Scott Allie (W), Georges Jeanty (P), Karl Moline (P), Andy Owens (I), Michelle Madsen (C), and Jo Chen (Cover)

On sale June 1

FC, 168 pages


TPB, 7" x 10"

The season finale is here! At long last, the Big Bad stands revealed—Angel is back, and it’s tearing the Scoobies apart, testing the limits of their friendship. But Twilight’s unmasking is only the beginning, and Buffy must still face the ultimate betrayal.

Series creator Joss Whedon writes the final story arc of Buffy Season 8, taking his greatest characters to places only he can! Teamed with series artist Georges Jeanty, Joss reunites the dysfunctional gang of Buffy, Angel, and Spike, in the thick of it together for the first time since Season 3, and gives the Scoobies their gravest challenge ever, defending reality itself from the onslaught of demons. It’s the biggest Buffy finale ever!

• Collects Buffy Season 8 #36–#40.

• This volume also includes the spy-thriller Riley one-shot by Buffy series writer Jane Espenson and artist Karl Moline.



Roy Thomas (W), Doug Moench (W), John Buscema (P), and Ernie Chan (P)

On sale June 8

FC, 192 pages


TPB, 6 5/8" x 10 3/16"

The most mighty monarch of all time is back! King Conan returns in The Chronicles of King Conan! The adventures of Conan and his family, continue in “Vengeance from the Desert,” “A Clash of Kings,” “A Queen Reclaimed,” “Bones of the Brown Man,” and “The Fang of Set!” You will thrill to adventures that could only be brought to you by master scribes such as Roy Thomas and Doug Moench and illustrated by the unequalled John Buscema and Ernie Chan! 

• The Chronicles of King Conan Volume 2 collects issues #6-#10 of the early eighties series originally published by Marvel.

From the creators of Love and Rockets



Mario Hernandez (W) and Gilbert Hernandez (W/A/Cover)

On sale June 29

b&w, 144 pages


HC, 6" x 9"

A bizarre, sexy look into the future from comics legends Mario & Gilbert Hernandez!

When gossip blogger Sergio Bauntin investigates the illusive robot celebrity CTZ-RX-1, he provokes the city’s shady power players, who don’t want the story to get out! It’s a surreal sci-fi adventure as only Los Bros. Hernandez can do it!

This handsome hardcover collection also features new cover art by Gilbert, an extensive sketchbook section with behind-the-scenes material from Mario, and a special pin-up from third Hernandez brother Jaime (Locas, The Education of Hopey Glass)!

• Collects Citizen Rex #1–#6.

• One of Houghton Mifflin’s Best American Comics 2010, selected by guest editor Neil Gaiman!

• Gilbert Hernandez named 2009 USA Rasmuson Fellow for literature!

“Anything from any or all of the Hernandez Brothers is cause for celebration, and Citizen Rex gives us a pop of indie gold from Mario and Gilbert Hernandez!”  —Michael Allred



Timothy Truman (W), Tomás Giorello (P), José Villarrubia (C), and Frank Frazetta (Cover)

On sale Apr 6

FC, 72 pages



Timothy Truman, Tomás Giorello, and José Villarrubia adapt Robert E. Howard’s powerful “Black Colossus” short story. Conan joins a roving army of mercenaries and sets off on what will be one of his bloodiest battles ever, when the human forces of Amalric clash with the demonic hordes of Natohk over the fate of a besieged city! This seventh issue in the Conan: The Frazetta Cover Series run features Frazetta’s iconic Conan painting “Sacrifice”—which is one of the few Frazetta paintings to directly depict a scene from one of Howard’s stories. Ride alongside the Cimmerian as he battles through hordes of bloodthirsty enemies to save a beautiful princess from an evil wizard.

• Collects Conan the Cimmerian issues #11-#13!

• Stunning cover art by Frank Frazetta!



Roy Thomas (W), Mike Hawthorne (P), John Lucas (I), and Doug Wheatley (Cover)

On sale Apr 20

FC, 32 pages



Conan has been in trouble before, but never like this! It may just be the end of the line for everyone’s favorite barbarian! Join Conan as he braves Ophir’s golden court as he tries to save Olivia from the power of the mystic ring known as the Star of Khorala. Conan will need both luck and skill if he’s to escape the axe of Ophir’s savage executioner! Don’t miss out on chapter five of Conan’s journey on The Road of Kings.

• Roy Thomas, the man who brought Robert E. Howard to comics, returns to Conan!




Frank Miller (W/A/Variant Cover), Harlan Ellison (W), Howard Chaykin (W/A), Neal Adams (W/A), Richard Corben (W/A), Carla Speed McNeil (W/A), Michael T. Gilbert (W/A), Randy Stradley (W), Paul Chadwick (W/A), David Chelsea (W/), Patrick Alexander (W/A), and others

On sale Apr 20

FC, 80 pages



The legendary, premiere anthology is back!  The 80-page spectacular, Dark Horse Presents returns with all-new stories by Neal Adams, Howard Chaykin, and Richard Corben; a new Concrete story by Paul Chadwick, a new Crimson Empire story from the Star Wars universe, and an exclusive sneak peek of Frank Miller’s highly-anticipated prequel to 300, Xerxes!  

The celebration continues with a brand-new, all-color Finder story by Carla Speed McNeil, a prose piece from science fiction legend Harlan Ellison, the return of Michael T. Gilbert’s Mr. Monster, and much, much more!

• 80 pages of original content with no ads.



Dean Motter (W/A/Cover), Jeffrey Morgan (W), Peter Milligan (W), Shane Oakley (P), D’Israeli (P), Brett Ewins (P/I), and Ken Holewczynski (I)

On sale June 8

b&w, 320 pages


HC, 7" x 10"

After revolutionizing the worlds of design and storytelling in 1984, Dean Motter’s Mister X returned half a decade later to reinvent alternative comics again for a whole new audience.

Returning to the story of Radiant City’s mysterious architect and his sleepless quest to repair the flaw in its design that is driving its citizens mad, the second version of Motter’s creation used the black-and-white format to introduce deeper shadows and more expressionistic angles to its Art Deco world. With an edgier look and starker themes, this take on Mister X is as groundbreaking today as it was twenty years ago.

• Collects Mister X Vol. 2 #1–#12, Mister X Special #1, and stories from A1 #2, Comic Book Artist Vol. 2 #6, and ArtReview #27–#28.



On sale June 15

3-piece figure set


Based on the characters from Domo TV shorts on Japan’s NHK network, this 3-piece PVC figure set features Domo and his friends Mr. Usaji the wise old rabbit, and Tashanna, the young lady weasel. Domo stands at 4" tall while his friends stand at 3.5".  Packaged in a deluxe full color window box.

Also Available

Domo 7” Qee DIY

SEP100123        $59.99

Domo 7” Qee Flocked Love Green

SEP100124        $59.99

Domo 7” Qee Glitter

AUG100080        $59.99

Domo 7” Qee Glow in the Dark

JUL100088        $59.99

Domo 7” Qee Skeleton

AUG100079        $59.99

Domo 7” Qee Wood Grain

JUL100087        $59.99



Eric Powell (W/A)

On sale June 8

FC, 144 pages


TPB, 7" x 10"

Re-presenting the beginning of Eric Powell’s acclaimed Goon saga, in a new edition with a brand-new cover and design!

The nameless man, the Zombie Priest, has come to town to build a gang from the undead. But even the undead fear the Goon, mob enforcer and protector of the downtrodden residents of Lonely Street. With Powell’s stunning artwork, The Goon’s unique mash-up of horror, mob intrigue, and the sickest sense of humor in comics is an instant classic, and this new edition is the best time ever to find out what you’ve been missing!

• New cover by Powell!




Mike Mignola (W/Variant Cover), Kevin Nowlan (A/C/Cover), and Dave Stewart (C)

On sale Apr 13

FC, 32 pages



Sucked into a giant spacecraft full of mutated livestock, Hellboy must fight his way through giant robots, strange webbing, and evil aliens to get back to terra firma!

• Art by comics great Kevin Nowlan!

• The perfect title to attract new customers!

“Moody, dark, exciting, even a little loving; it's all here. Good, good stuff." —Comic Book Resources



Timothy Truman (W), Tomás Giorello (P), José Villarrubia (C), and Darick Robertson (Cover)

On sale Apr 27

FC, 32 pages



Conan goes against his ingrained barbarian instincts and sides with a strange wizard in order to topple those who ensnared them both in the horrific dungeons beneath the Scarlet Citadel! Timothy Truman, Tomás Giorello, and José Villarrubia—the monthly team behind the critically acclaimed Conan the Cimmerian comic-book run—move ahead many years in the barbarian’s life to a time when Conan has just lost the crown of Aquilonia and must fight to reclaim it from several betrayers and their evil wizard!

• A great introduction to Robert E. Howard’s tales of King Conan!

“Tomás Giorello and Jóse Villarrubia’s art is so great here that it’s the ultimate selling point . . . it’s just beautiful.” —Comic Book Resources



Jim Shooter (W), Stephen Thompson (A), Jesse Delperdang (A), Wes Dzioba (C), and Raymond Swanland (Cover)

On sale Apr 27

FC, 32 pages



The year is 4000 CE. The military is useless. The police are incompetent. Magnus, the mighty Robot Fighter, stands alone against an army of rebel Q-ROBs led by clever, canny, capable Jocko and his hench-robs. It’s a battle to extinction—one-way or the other. And in this issue's second feature, the origin saga of 1-A, the first Robot Fighter, continues. The year is 3979 CE. Rebel Q-Robs led by H-8 overwhelm North Am. Then 1-A in Battle Armor takes the field . . .

• Magnus has been popular among several generations of comics readers.

• Re-imagined by comics legend Jim Shooter.

“This is what we love about comics: non-stop, kick-ass action.”  —Comic Attack



Jim Shooter (W), Bill Reinhold (A), Wes Dzioba (C), and Raymond Swanland (Cover)

On sale June 22

FC, 104 pages


TPB, 7" x 10"

The continent-spanning city of North Am is a miracle of ingenuity and ambition, a technological paradise where mile-high skyscrapers pierce the clouds and robots perform virtually all labor. But in the shadows of the “milespires,” human mobsters use robot muscle to terrorize the North Am citizenry. Human trafficking, illegal psychoactive substances, violent crime, and corrosive corruption are suddenly epidemic in the glittering utopia, with only Magnus, the mighty Robot Fighter, to stand against them.

• Collects issues #1-#4 of the ongoing series and the 2010 Free Comic Book Day story.

• Part of a major multi-series program including Doctor Solar; Turok, Son of Stone; and Mighty Samson.




Mac Walters (W), John Jackson Miller (W), Omar Francia (A), Michael Atiyeh (C), Massimo Carnevale (Cover), and Joe Quinones (Variant Cover)

On sale Apr 20

FC, 32 pages



Mass Effect 2 lead writer Mac Walters brings the origin of the Illusive Man to its explosive conclusion! The fate of mankind may come down to this moment, as the newly enlightened Illusive Man launches a movement that will upset the balance of power across the galaxy. But will he prove to be the universe’s savior—or its destroyer? This story will have a long-lasting impact on the Mass Effect saga, and is essential reading for fans of sci-fi action and intrigue!

• These comics are an essential, canonical part of the Mass Effect epic!

• Concludes the secret origin of the Illusive Man, a pivotal figure in the upcoming Mass Effect 3 video game.



Jim Shooter (W), Jeff Vaughn (W), Patrick Olliffe (A), Dan Jackson (C), and Raymond Swanland (Cover)

On sale Apr 20

FC, 32 pages



500 years after the end of the world, barbaric hordes vie for power and plunder, and monstrous, gene-twisted Teratisms stalk the ruined landscape. Queen Terra of the marauding Jerz acquires a new and deadly weapon powerful enough to shatter massive walls. From the north, Warlord Sunder marches with a fearsome host behind Dreadnought, a gargantuan, invincible Teratism over which he has gained control. Caught in the middle is Samson, the strongest man on Earth, sole protector of the struggling N’yark Tribe. At stake is the future of the world!

• Re-imagined by comics legend Jim Shooter.

• Part of a major multi-series program including Doctor Solar; Magnus, Robot Fighter; and Turok, Son of Stone.




On sale June 22

b&w, 160 pages


TPB, 5 1/8" x 7 1/4"

Shinji Ikari remembers having met the charming, mysterious Kaworu during childhood. But that’s not all–Kaworu has more shocking truths to share about Shinji’s own father, Gendo! Shinji and Kaworu, along with their friends Asuka and Rei, must do battle to put an end to Gendo’s crazed rampage! Can four teenagers put a stop to the destruction of the Y’ggdrasil, the Life-Tree, the pillar sustaining our dimension and reality? The ultimate fight is on!

• The saga concludes in this astonishing volume!

• Neon Genesis Evangelion: Campus Apocalypse is a new, original adaptation of the original Neon Genesis Evangelion anime series.

• Featuring exceptional artwork, color pages, notes from first-time creator Mingming, and your letters!



Kosuke Fujishima (W/A)

On sale June 29

b&w, 232 pages


TPB, 5 1/8" by 7 3/16"

Ever since a cosmic phone call brought the literal young goddess Belldandy into college student Keiichi’s residence, his personal life has been turned upside-down, sideways, and sometimes even into strange dimensions!

Who would have ever thought one of Skuld’s inventions could go wrong? Er . . . don’t answer that, but her tinkering with the time-space continuum has left Belldandy and Keiichi trapped inside their own living room . . . because it’s now infinitely big! And uncanny events await them outside as well, as a ghost haunts the mountain pass between the two campuses of N.I.T. . . causing Bell and K1 to do a night ride in tandem to solve the mystery!

• Includes your fan art and letters, and more commentary by Kosuke Fujishima on the early days of the Oh My Goddess series!

• Oh My Goddess! is the longest-running manga in the US!




Bruce Jones (W), Rahsan Ekedal (P), Dan Jackson (C), Dave Stewart (C), Guy Davis (Cover), and Gregory Manchess (Variant Cover)

On sale Apr 6

FC, 40 pages



This first issue adapts Robert E. Howard’s taut, disturbing “Skulls in the Stars” short story! Beginning his adventures in England, Kane finds himself engaged in a supernatural battle on the dreary moor road to Torkertown.

• Each issue features two covers—with artists Guy Davis and Gregory Manchess both collaborating with colorist Dave Stewart!

Comics legend Bruce Jones (Incredible Hulk) reenergizes Solomon Kane!  



Haden Blackman (W), Rick Leonardi (P), Dan Green (I), Wes Dzioba (C), and Tsuneo Sanda (Cover)

On sale Apr 27

FC, 40 pages



An attempt on his life leaves Vader and a handful of loyal troops trapped on a desolate world. Despite the deadly perils posed by the environment and attacks from his mysterious enemy, Vader will not veer from his duty.

But what if the reason for his mission is negated? And what do these visions of Padmé mean to Vader’s future?

• An assassination attempt on Darth Vader, dark lord of the Sith!

• Haden Blackman (The Force Unleashed, Purge) once again brings Vader to life!



John Ostrander (W), Jan Duursema (P/Cover), Dan Parsons (I), and Brad Anderson (C)

On sale Apr 27

FC, 40 pages



In the aftermath of the latest battle, the Jedi, the Galactic Alliance, and Roan Fel’s Imperials retreat to the stronghold planet Bastion to lick their wounds. In the face of the Sith Empire’s new secret weapon, there are some who counsel that resistance is futile.

But the Sith have suffered, too, and Emperor Fel knows that now is the time to attack. Plans are made and plans within plans. For Cade Skywalker knows that this war must ultimately come down to him versus Darth Krayt.

No matter what the cost, Krayt must die!



Cole Haddon (W), M. S. Corley (A/Cover), and Jim Campbell (C)

On sale Apr 27

FC, 32 pages



Sometimes good police work just isn’t enough, as Inspector Thomas Adye 
of Scotland Yard finds out when he’s assigned to the Jack the Ripper 
case. He’ll need the guidance of imprisoned madman and amoral
 libertine, Dr. Henry Jekyll, whose mind-splitting serum Jack might be 
using to commit his bloody murders. Written by Cole Haddon and
 illustrated by M.S. Corley, part 1 of Hyde sets in motion events that
 will pit London’s two greatest monsters against one another. Will Adye
—and his soul—survive intact?

• Thrilling Victorian horror written by exciting newcomer Cole Haddon.

• Weaving together the Jack the Ripper legend with the elements of the classic tale of Jekyll and Hyde.



Various (W)

On sale June 15

b&w, 336 pages


TPB, 5 1/4" x 8"

A hit man who kills with coincidence . . . A detective caught in a war between two worlds . . . A man whose terrible appetites hide an even darker secret . . .

Dark Horse once again teams up with Hugo and Bram Stoker award-winning editor Ellen Datlow (Lovecraft Unbound) to bring you this masterful marriage of the darkness without and the darkness within. Supernatural Noir is an anthology of original tales of the dark fantastic from twenty modern masters of suspense, including Brian Evenson, Joe R. Lansdale, Caitlín R. Kiernan, Nick Mamatas, Gregory Frost, Jeffrey Ford, and many more.

• For fans of horror, noir, fantasy, crime, and the short fiction format.

• Sixteen stories for just $19.99.

Featuring Joe R. Lansdale, Caitlín R. Kiernan, Jeffrey Ford, and more!



Gaylord DuBois (W) and Jesse Marsh (A)

On sale June 1

FC, 240 pages


HC, 7" x 10"

Kreegah! Tarzan’s Golden Age adventures in the heart of Africa and the lost land of Pal-ul-don continue! In addition to featuring favorite characters Muviro, Dr. MacWhirtle, Boy, Goliath, and Argus, this collection introduces both a fearsome, flying tribe of bat-worshippers and the buffalo-riding Gallugos people. New Cathne faces the threat of New Athne and the Great Swamp’s thousands of Terribs, and Tarzan is caught up in the mysteries of ghosts and treasure-coated great apes. Now if only he can save Boy from a revenge-minded witch doctor before it is too late!

• Collects Dell’s Tarzan’s Jungle Annual #2 and Tarzan #44-#46, from 1953, for the first time.



Zack Whedon (W), Andy MacDonald (A), Dan Jackson (C), and Massimo Carnivale (Cover)

On sale June 22

FC, 168 pages


TPB, 7" x 10"

Before John Connor sent him back in time to save Sarah Connor from a T-800 with a grudge, Kyle Reese was just another man fighting to survive in a world overrun by Skynet and its terrifying army of killer cyborgs. Follow Kyle on his journey through the ravaged landscape of 2029, filled with T-800s, HKs, and rogue revolutionaries, to a world previously unimaginable to him—the glittering streets of Los Angeles in 1984!

• Collects Terminator: 2029 #1–#3 and Terminator: 1984 #1–#3.

• Rising stars Zack Whedon and Andy MacDonald deliver explosive action in both the future and the past in this inspired reimagining of The Terminator!

“Reese’s gang of survivors is a likeable, hardened bunch who cracks wise in the ruin. Furthermore, Kyle’s anecdote about the Terminators’ sheer resilience is creepy and evocative.” —io9



On sale May 4

5" tall

Limited to 950 numbered pieces

Packaged in its own tin box, with a pin-back button and character booklet


Dark Horse launches a new series of vintage-style statuettes featuring four of Toy Story’s best-known characters. Featured this month is the third figure from Woody’s Roundup, the sassy cowgirl Jessie.

In examining the candidates from this classic film’s many characters, we agreed with Disney that Woody and his gang were best suited to the deliberately rough-hewn, somewhat distressed “syroco” style that sculptors Yoe! Studio describe as “primitive but charming.”



Stan Sakai (W/A)

On sale Apr 27

b&w, 24 pages



The next chapter in this exciting tale of the Red Scorpion Gang!

When the bunny bodyguard Usagi discovers the body of a magistrate’s kidnapped son, a bloody showdown with the Red Scorpions ensues. How will the lone samurai—a noble follower of bushido—fare against this gang of unscrupulous crooks?

• Stan Sakai’s tales of Usagi’s feudal adventures are both enduring and endearing—consistently in the cream of today’s comics!

• “Sakai handles comedy, action, and even the expository scenes with energy and charm.”  — Steven M. Bari, Comics Bulletin



Mike Mignola (W/Cover), John Arcudi (W), John Severin (A), and Dave Stewart (C)

On sale Apr 6

FC, 32 pages



After a zombie shootout, Grey encounters a deadly stone dog, one of the many vicious minions of the evil witch Eris!

EC Comics legend John Severin (Two-Fisted Tales) rejoins the Hellboy line after his stellar debut in B.P.R.D.: War of Frogs!

From the pages of Hellboy!

“Witchfinder is also rewarding for longtime Hellboy readers because it raises questions about exactly what role this character (who appeared previously in brief cameos) will play in the Hellboy mythos.”  —The Comics Journal

What are you excited about from Dark Horse in April? What are you excited about from Dark Horse in April?

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