Post Game: STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS S3E12 "Nightsisters"


Don't trifle with Asajj Ventress. She holds a grudge, and she is vengeful. She can also kill you with her brain. Episode 12 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Nightsisters, brings the show back with a hard-hitting story about betrayal and revenge.

The episode starts off on the right foot with a visually intoxicating space fight. It's a tad more exciting than the Senate floor we've seen most of the season. The Republic and Separatists are at it again in the space above Sullust. The ever devoted apprentice Ventress leads the droid starfighters against the Republic. Meanwhile, Count Dooku (who is far away from the battle on Serenno) receives a transmission from Darth Sidious. Sidious believes that Ventress has grown too powerful, and he feels threatened. He orders Dooku to eliminate her. Dooku spouts futile objections but relents to the will of his master. He seems upset about the decision. Some of that is losing a powerful assassin, and some of it has to be the thought of taking the time to find and train a replacement. Sith Lords are busy after all.

Ventress calls Dooku to check in after an intense chase scene with Obi-Wan and Anakin. Her ship has just been hit, and she asks for reinforcements. Dooku denies her request and calls her a failure. When he tells her that she is no longer his apprentice, her eyes widen in shock and rage. She has to return her focus to the situation at hand though. She is trapped in a cargo bay with the Jedi. She is injured from the crash, but she decides to take on Obi-Wan and Anakin anyways. The fight is interrupted by an attack ordered by Dooku. He had the droids turn on the Separatist flagship in order to get rid of her. The combatants barely escape.

A scavenger ship sifts through the remains of the battle and discovers Ventress unconscious and barely alive in her ship. But Dooku somehow didn't sense that Ventress survived, and he reported her death to Sidious. When she awakens, she asks her rescuers to take her to Dathomir. The Twi'lek captain responds with, “Now why would anyone wanna go there? Ain’t nothing there but fog and witches.” That sets her blind rage in motion. She Force chokes the entire crew and commandeers the vessel.

The world of Dathomir has red skies, huge trees, and seemingly permanent fog. It truly has an alien feel. Ventress staggers from the ship and is immediately surrounded by armed Nightsisters. Clan Mother Talzin welcomes her back though. Ventress was one of them. Talzin and the sisters heal Ventress' wounds with a mystical ritual. We enter Ventress' fever dreams, and we truly meet her for the first time. She was an adorable infant when she was sold to slavers for the good of the clan. When the slaver was murdered, she was rescued by a Jedi Knight, Ky Narec. He took her as his Padawan, and she was not unlike Ahsoka. She was loyal and eager to please. Sadly, her master was killed. She was angry and sought revenge. She turned to the Dark Side, and Dooku welcomed her and took her as his apprentice. Ventress awakes from her healing with exceptional anger. She needs vengeance.

Ventress and two warriors of the Nightsisters immerse themselves in a misty potion that makes them near invisible shadows. They arm themselves with lightsabers so Dooku will think that is the Jedi who have come to kill him. They travel to Serenno and sneak into Dooku's chambers. They catch him sleeping, and Ventress looses a poison dart into his neck that dulls his senses. He is a Sith Lord though, and he is incredibly powerful. Despite his disadvantage, he gives the sisters more of a fight than they expected. It's a closely matched battle, but the sisters manage to disarm him. Just as Ventress is about to deliver the final blow, Dooku grasps all of them with Force lightning. He uses it to throw them out of his palace.

The trio returns to Dathomir; Ventress is ashamed of her failure. But Mother Talzin points out that this presents an opportunity. Dooku will be even more anxious to replace Ventress. This vulnerability surely showed him that he needs a protector. Talzin contacts Count Dooku and offers him a solution. She suggests a male warrior from her people since he “could not tame the female,” and Dooku accepts. He has no idea that he is sealing his doomed fate.

Trivia & Notes

The ship that Ventress is flying during the space fight is a Geonosian fanblade starfighter.

The salvage ship that Ventress commandeers has a Tusken Raider lifting a gaffi stick above his head painted on the hull just like the scene in .

Barbara Goodson gives voice to Mother Talzin; she is best known as Rita Repulsa on .

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