Readers' Favorite ONGOING of 2010: BATMAN AND ROBIN


Click here for Winner: Favorite Writer 2010: Geoff Johns

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And that makes the sweep for DC Comics.

It was definitely a huge year for the Caped Crusader, who led the way in December 2010 to DC's first shared Market Share victory in awhile. Oddly this year, the flagship title was not the decades-old Batman or Detective Comics, but the newer title, Batman and Robin. Always near the top of the sales heap, Grant Morrison and his assorted teams of talented artists like Cameron Stewart, Andy Clarke, and Frazer Irving, took the tale of Batman's first "son" and his first son and made it exciting, full of adventure, mystery, and even its share of comedy.

That combination brought it to the winner's circle of our tournament, and against a string of formidable foes. Dick and Damian took down Fantastic Four, The Walking Dead, Green Lantern (in the narrowest victory of the tournament), and Scalped.

Here, once again, is writer Grant Morrison on his wins in both Limited and Ongoing Series for 2010.

"Big thanks to everyone who voted for the Batman books by me and my artistic collaborators in 2010.  It's much appreciated and I hope you all enjoy the wild twists, turns and revelations that lie ahead in Batman Incorporated."

Who are your top artists of the year?

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