Readers' Favorite LIMITED of 2010: RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE

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Ya know what? There may be some hope for this "Batman" guy.

When Bruce Wayne apparently died, it was immediately teased that all was not as it seemed, and the man behind the bat was far from dead. Just as Bruce journeyed through the ages to get back to the present and resume the fight, this series had to fight its way to victory. Before facing down Scott Pilgrim, who defeated many heroes this year, Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne first took down his old teammates in the Justice League International. On the way to that battle, the Mystery Society and Beasts of Burden couldn't even slow him down. So now, the millenia-spanning series by Grant Morrison and an all-star cast of artists is your favorite Limited Series or OGN of 2010.

We told writer Grant Morrison about his victory, and he was thrilled. He sent over this statement to the fans, expressing his hope that you keep right on reading:

"Big thanks to everyone who voted for the Batman books by me and my artistic collaborators in 2010.  It's much appreciated and I hope you all enjoy the wild twists, turns and revelations that lie ahead in Batman Incorporated."

Who are your top artists of the year?

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