POLL: What's Your Most Anticipated Superhero Game of 2011?


We told you what games we're most looking forward to in our 11 for '11: Games article, and included a lot of video games that are either based on comic books or use superheroes as their main character. We very nearly could've made a list that only had those games on it this year, in fact, with more comic games than ever before.

Now we want to know which ones you're most excited about. Can't wait to don the cape and cowl again? Excited to throw the shield around? Ready to parkour and spark up a city again? Whichever one wins will get the first superheroic multi-part feature on a game from us this year (with one caveat, we already have some fun plans for DCUO). So vote in the poll, there's no registration necessary, then sound off in the comments or Twitter and let us know why!

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Which did you choose, and why? Which did you choose, and why?

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