Newsarama Readers' Favorite COVER of 2010: BATWOMAN #0

Click here for Winner: Favorite Writer 2010: Geoff Johns

Click here for Winner: Favorite Artist 2010: J.H. Williams III

What more can be said about J. H. Williams III's cover art? Already the winner of our Reader's Favorite Artist competition, his cover to Batwoman #0 simply trounced the competition all the way through the tournament, though Rafael Albuquerque's iconic Superboy #1 cover held its own and did some trouncing throughout the tournament as well.

Before taking down the Boy of Steel, it was the Girl of Steel by Amy Reeder that fell to Williams' pencil. Newsarama Readers just didn't appreciate Pirate Batman from Andy Kubert as much as Newsarama contributors did, and Salvador Larroca's reflection-less vampire variant for Iron Man disappeared easily under Batwoman's might.

When we spoke with Williams about his win yesterday, he had this to say (Statement is repeated from yesterday's victory):

"Thanks so much to the readers, and the Newsarama crew, for all of the good vibes sent my way.  I hope you'll find enjoyment from the new material to come in 2011 as well."

The wait for new Williams art isn't long now, with Batwoman #1 (and another amazing cover) due on shelves next month.

Who are your top artists of the year?

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