POLL: Ten Years Later, How did JOE QUESADA Do As Marvel EiC?

QUESADA: Spidey & Universe Shakeup

After a decade in the seat of Editor-in-Chief, the longest run outside of Stan "The Man" Lee, Joe Quesada has left editorial at Marvel Comics to focus on his other job there as Chief Creative Officer. Quesada is succeeded by Axel Alonso, as reported Tuesday.

While Joe Quesada's time in the top editorial spot at Marvel Comics has created some controversy with things like the dissolving of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson's marriage or the killing and depowering of most of the mutant characters in the Marvel Universe, he has also provided line-wide growth and kept Marvel at the top of the sales mountain on a consistent basis.

Quesada has also helped lead the charge, in his time, to move Marvel into other mediums, helping expand their film and animation schedules, and taking Marvel into the Digital world, including digital-exclusive comics. His guidance made The Avengers cool again, over the last half of his tenure re-emphaized the original Marvel Universe as being cool and accessible enough for all fans, and helped elevate indy creators into rockstars of the comic book world. Stephen King came to Marvel with original stories in his best-selling universe, and Quesada and his Publishing team gave Marvel a creator-owned line. Yes, there were deaths and resurrections, there was that deal-with-the-devil, and there were a couple mini-series that never seemed to end (or literally didn't), but the balance sheet sure looks to be in the positive column for the first decade of the 21st Century.

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